July 8th, 2005


Doctor Who? More Like Doctor Shoo! *Turns into Half a Camel*

So I just finished the new Doctor Who. OMG SO GOOD. You could even say it was, you know, fantastic.

For the first few episodes, I thought it was entertaining fluff. The Doctor and Rose go around traveling through time and space and having wacky adventures. Yippee. Every now and then they would quite literally save the world, huh? But was there any overarching story? Would there be some sort of character development? Come on, missus!

After nearly half the season (though remember, the season's only thirteen episodes), finally I saw that the show had some meat in it. And then it started gobsmacking me with the continuity and the impression that they had in fact planned out the entire season in advance because suddenly all the little things were becoming important, they were not forgotten, this was all one story about one world, simply split into episodes. Hell, this was a show where the title of an episode didn't make sense until five episodes later.

Oh, a bonus note: the Brits are way better at previews than we are. The previews give just enough to whet your appetite, and then when you watch the actual episode, you realize they didn't give much away at all. Not that they're misleading, but they don't feel as spoilerrific.

At first, I thought the Doctor was a little too wacky, but as the series progressed, he got more depth. We learned some of his history, what he does, why his life had made him who he is. And Christopher Eccleston plays all the facets of the character with such aplomb, from wacky to serious to terrified to everything in between, that you can see how these somewhat conflicting personalities can all exist in the same person.

For a while, Rose just seemed to be the girl accidentally causing trouble or getting into trouble so the Doctor could save her. But she, too, got some great character development, as she discovered the difference between life with the Doctor and her normal, humdrum life on Earth. She kind of functions as the audience surrogate. And Billie Piper also rocks the hizzouse.

It's silly, it's fun, it's entertaining, it's exciting, it's dramatic, it's clever, it's smart. It's excellently plotted. It's got soul. valancy makes the interesting comparison to Angel, in that it's a series about helping the helpless. It's more than that, though, because the Doctor, because he travels through time, knows what must be done, what must happen. It's also a series about Making the Hard Choices, and the Rose factor makes it a series about Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things. Add those to the bucket of Things Sunil Likes in His Television, people. Along with Identity Issues and Power Struggles. And Hot Chicks and Cleavage.

If you haven't checked this show out, do so immediately. If you have, why follow me into the spoilery portion of the post.

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Now, to see if I can mainline Battlestar Galactica before the season premiere.