July 7th, 2005

Island in the Sun

Heavens to Betsy!

feeley20Lush is alive.


We all figured she was hungover and in bed, perhaps with a sexy Italian.

She was in the King's Cross station at the time of the explosion. A different area altogether, such that she had no idea what was going on when the panic started.

So she called her mom and told her not to worry, she and her friend would take the bus home.

Then a bus exploded. Thankfully, not hers.

spectralbovine: *HUGS*
feeley20: Aw, thanks!
feeley20: I'm sorry you guys were worried!
spectralbovine: I cried!
feeley20: I got online as soon as I could.
feeley20: *hugs*
feeley20: Thank you guys for being concerned, though.
feeley20: That was very sweet of you.
spectralbovine: Of course we were concerned!
feeley20: It really was kind of intense. Either that, or I'm just a sissy, heh.

That's study abroad for you. See another country! Learn about their culture! Almost get blown up!

picklepocketInigoMontoya is also safe.

I have a lot of extended family members in London. One of them? Is a bus driver. But he's all right. I don't know about many of the others, though. When I called my mom to ask if everyone was all right, she hadn't even heard about the bombings.

I sincerely hope that all of your loved ones are all right, and my thoughts are with the people of London. Some good resources are the Wikipedia entry and london_070705, which has two posts to keep track of the people who are safe, and another post to announce whom you're looking for. cindywrites and tiggz are keeping track of Bronzers.

Please, if you have any information about the whereabouts of anyone, let someone know. It's an awful, awful feeling not to know. Back when the tsunami hit, I was on the complete other end of India and people were still worried about me.

*hugs* for everyone!