June 23rd, 2005

Serenity comin' at ya!

Lesson #3: No Theoretical Questions About Meteorological Anomalies

So I guess I've gone long enough without posting, right? My inbox gets lonely without a constant barrage of e-mails titled "Reply to your post..." But I have nothing to write about! I mean, I like The Inside, but I'm not madly in love with it. Also, everyone else on my flist has talked about how great Batman Begins is, so go see it. Let's see.

As it turns out, cursing a fucking lot really works. Monday night, I got an e-mail from a recruiter who wanted to call me to talk about an opportunity he was working on. Of course, he still hasn't called, so maybe that already dried up.

But! Tuesday was crazy. Before I'd even taken a shower, before I'd brushed my damn teeth, before I'd put on a fucking shirt, my cell phone rang. It was an unfamiliar number; I knew it had to be job-related and I couldn't not pick it up. So I answered the phone and pretended to be awake. It was a recruiter; he asked me some questions and told me about a contract job in Chicago. He would submit my résumé to them. But, dude, yesterday he called me again and actually asked me to futz around with it so that it better reflected the position I was seeking. All the relevant information, like, you know, my writing experience, is buried on the second page. So I reworked it, which I'd been planning on doing anyway, and sent it back to him to be submitted to the hiring manager. I hope to make a better impression.

And! Also on Tuesday, I e-mailed a woman about a medical writing gig, and three hours later, she responded with interest, attaching a writing test for me. I have to do some actual medical writing to prove I know my shit, which, uh, I don't, but let's give it a shot.

Like nine more damn people have gotten my résumé off Medzilla, a couple having received my new and improved version. I cut out all my lab skills, since they were irrelevant to a non-lab position. I kept my Hobbies and Interests, because I *heart* them:

  • Theatre
  • Gilbert and Sullivan
  • Fiction writing
  • Online communities
  • Veronica Mars
  • MarsInvestigations.net
  • Marching Owl Band
  • Do Random Acts of Kindness

    Speaking of MI.net and recruiters, we're recruiting. If you have experience in designing a MySQL database and experience in PHP, we could use you. Otherwise, wyk will die a slow and horrible death.

    Speaking of slow and horrible deaths, peri_peteia wins at Firefly icons. She has some damn good ones, I say.

    tiggz, on the other hand, wins at VM icons. The variety is astounding, the quality is top notch, and she has one for basically any occasion. For someone like me who likes the icon to correspond to the content of the comment or post, her selection is admirable.

    The two most beautiful songs in the entire world this week are "Chicago" by Sufjan Stevens and "Blue Jeans" by Ladytron.

    Quick spelling lesson, peeps: Veronica Mars is a spongy white confectionary. Said confectionary is spelled thusly: marshmallow. Note the COMPLETE AND UTTER LACK OF THE LETTER E. Stop making the baby Wallace cry.

    sadiekate's vagina started a LiveJournal, sadie_vagina. I do have strange friends.

    I know what this post needs! A poll! Everyone loves polls!

    Poll #519015 Is River really made of chocolate?

    How mad are you at all the people seeing *Serenity* right now?

    As mad as a dingo having a threeway with a porcupine and a ocelot
    Mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!
    As loony as a mad corsair!
    As mad as Mal was at Jayne that one time
    The level of my anger can only be expressed in a mix of Chinese and Klingon
    Mad? I already saw it, and it was the BEST THING EVER OMG
    Mad? I already saw it, and it sucked donkey balls
    Mad? I already saw it...more than once, fool