June 8th, 2005

Mortal wound

The Hottie of the Lambs (TM ohimesamamama)

spectralbovine: So, what'd you think?
ohimesamamama: I...was torn. There were moments I loved, and there were moments I was saying 'get thee to a script doctor'. It deserves at least a second episode's viewing for me to have an opinion. I don't love it immediately, but it's a fabulous cast and shows promise.
spectralbovine: Yeah, it does.
spectralbovine: There were definite points in the script where I was like...what? I've come to expect better than this.
ohimesamamama: I want more Adam Baldwin and Katie Finneran. I want Jay Harrington to do as well as I know he can. And yes, that's exactly it; there were parts that were just LAUGHABLY bad. And I'm less than impressed with the Hottie of the Lambs as an actress, although she's not bad, just...pretty green in places.
ohimesamamama: It's worth mocking if it doesn't start bringing its A-game, but if it does grab the A-game, it's a perfectly good summer series.

I'm more of a fan of Tim's writing than Mars (I think I'm one of, say, three people who loves "Karma Chameleon" dearly), so the bad points irked me in a different way. They just jumped out because the rest of the dialogue was so good, they felt even more unnatural. Maybe profilers getting inside the heads of serial killers really do blather on in psychobabble like that, but it felt really artificial at times, a way for Rebecca to be right so the plot could move along.

But really, that's my only complaint, because I really liked it, for the most part. Rachel Nichols is hot, which never hurts. And I'm really interested in Web and his team, why they exist and how they work together and who they really are. Plus, blipverts! The serial killer plot was twisty and turny and exciting and creepy, so cool. It did feel like the kind of psychological thriller you'd see in a theater. Basically, The Inside gets my recommendation, and I'm definitely watching, but I have to get spoilery to get into why.

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