June 4th, 2005

When Polter-Cows Attack!

You Can't Take the—Oh, Sorry, We Took the Sky from You

Does anyone have an extra ticket or two for the Houston screening? I stupidly forgot that my brother's going to be at M.D. Anderson this summer (just like I was six years ago...shit, six years ago). And enshanam is ticketless as well. Both also have transportation issues, though I think Kelsey can work something out because she thinks I'm totally awesome for telling her about the screening in the first place. Man, I work so hard helping other people get to see Serenity, and I still don't get to see it myself. NOT FAIR.

And because I'm not so cool with short posts, I'm going to pad this bitch with personal content.

Today was the Gujarati Cultural Society picnic to celebrate the graduating students (my brother (and me, on the cake)) included. Hundreds of Indians all in one place. I knew a lot of them, though I'd forgotten so many of their names, since we were never really close, even though we saw each other all the time. At Gujarati school every Sunday at the temple, weddings, various social functions, visits to their houses, etc. I wasn't sure how many of them remembered/recognized me. Some people greeted me, and I greeted them back even though I couldn't remember their names. I even engaged in a conversation with one guy for several minutes before it finally dawned on me who he was. I felt like Leonard Shelby. You really do learn to fake that reciprocal recognition. If someone knows you, there must be a reason, right, you must know them too. So you'd better pretend you do, or else you'll offend them.

Also, there were some attractive girls, which was nice. Indian girls have a different aesthetic about them. Although a whole lot of them seemed to look the same, with minor variations. So do I actually find non-Indian girls more attractive, or is it just that I've been exposed to so many more of them that my sense of beauty has been skewed? Because while they were nice looking, and I was preternaturally drawn to a couple, they didn't do as much for me as many others have. And it'd be nice to find an Indian girl I thought was totally pretty, cause it'd sure make my life easier. Especially if, you know, she was also cool besides that. Most of my exposure to Indian girls has been the Dallas Indians, who are pretty much all ghetto and think everything is crunk, except things that I like. Maybe if I actually hung out with more Indian people I could find a nice Indian girl. It's a daring concept, but it just might work.

So...discuss. Where do our standards of beauty come from? Why do we find who we find pretty pretty and who we find unattractive unattractive? Am I doomed, or can you change what intuitively turns you on?