May 13th, 2005

Good for you

Good News for People Who Like Good News

So, how about that Veronica Mars finale, huh?

What, did you expect something way more brilliant than that? Are you questioning your squeetastic love for the show? Haters got you down? (ETA: As should be evident from my tone in general, I don't mean to condemn the "haters" to hell or imply they hate the show and want Rob Thomas to eat raw squid. I'm just referring to their feelings about the finale, for which the word "hate" was tossed around quite a bit. So. I've added another fox1013 link by her request (on the coveted first word), which better explains her feelings (which, incidentally, don't turn out to be hate so much, so...oops).)

Fear not! The finale is better than you think. Note that neither of those excellent essays are blind to the flaws, but they embrace the more positive aspects and respond to some of the popular criticisms.

And now, a few reasons my fandom rocks.

Rob Thomas responds to his e-mails. I sent him news of the possible Arrested Development renewal, and he said he was spreading it around among the VM writers. If I was actually the source (that is, if he hadn't heard before I e-mailed him), I am so fucking awesome. Also, he ended with the same dig at Berlanti's claim that Jack and Bobby is anywhere near the caliber of Freaks and Geeks and My So-Called Life that went through my head.

jules_annayofietofie on the TWoP forums is doing a summer program at USC, and she was required to find an internship with a "film/TV company (or something)." She thought it would be way cool if she could intern for VM, and we all forced her to figure out how to go about doing it. She got a résumé and cover letter together (playing up her TWoP connections, of course) and sent them to Rob. Very soon after, Rob Thomas was on the phone with her offering her the internship.

And finally, I love our fandom because it didn't take but sixty-five minutes after the renewal was announced for outoffashion to suggest we send Dawn Ostroff, the president of UPN, flowers. It took longer than intended to get all the money together and the order placed, but this week, the flowers were finally sent. What kind of flowers? Lilies, of course. Casablanca lilies.

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I wrote the message on the card since no one else would: "Thank you for renewing *Veronica Mars*. We really appreciate it. Love, The Fans [at Television Without Pity]" I think she added the TWoP part, but I'm not sure. I couldn't come up with anything clever and funny, so I went with bland and direct.

Oh, and a bonus reason my fandom rocks: we have ohimesamamama and cadhla.

I'm wearing my Go Pirates shirt for the first time ever.

So, check it out! I finally got metaquoted for being funny, as opposed to fulfilling alliterator's quota of not being metaquoted himself. And in the second thread in the comments, cerulgalactus and I receive the offer to be meta-metaquoted, but it hasn't happened yet. And I made a new friend, stimpson, who makes Get Smart references and doesn't dig up dinosaurs.

I sent off the third draft of my thesis. Please let it be over soon. Please, please, please.

In conclusion, Kevin Kline.