May 3rd, 2005

When Polter-Cows Attack!

Say, "Repressed Metatextuality"!

Hi! Are you a Veronica Mars fan? Do you belong to veronica_mars? Have you defriended veronica_mars because most of the people there seem to be insane, stupid, or some combination thereof? Are you afraid of rat_slaves because most of the people there seem to be insane, intellectual, or some combination thereof? Don't you wish there was just some sort of community where you could discuss the show like a regular person without having to deal with the seventy-fifth person asking for the name of the theme song or the fourth person mapping the show onto an obscure Shakespearean play?

Well, have hobviously, peri_peteia, and anaid_rabbit got the community for you!

It's called ichthyocentaurs, and for the low, low introductory price of $0.00, you can be an elitist VM fan too! Come, hide from the crazies who can't follow rules and think the entire show is about SpikeLogan and BuffyVeronica. Flee the endless fic and icon posts. Escape the same questions, the same observations, the same theories, over and over and crimson and clover.

ichthyocentaurs: so that one day in their memoirs they'll describe us as "inscrutable."