May 1st, 2005

When Polter-Cows Attack!

Graduation Proclamation

As it is the season, and we were just discussing it on TWoP, I am going to post my graduation speech from high school. (Flashback: end of senior year, May 1999.) I was salutatorian (or, as my mom called it, "saledictorian").

I remember it every now and then, and wonder how much of the advice I gave I actually followed. I feel vaguely hypocritical. But some of it I think I have held to. And it's all generally good advice, even if I haven't followed it as well as I should have.

It's full of ludicrous Sunilisms, Jack Handey's Deep Thoughts, and inside jokes that none of you will get.

I think people liked my speech. My mom complained that I spoke too fast, and maybe I did, but of course she had to complain about something.

After the ceremony, when we were picking up our diplomas and whatnot, Sue Alice came up to me and said (and I misquote until the last two words), "Sunil, I loved your speech. A lot of people probably didn't get it, but it was so you."

And I'll always remember that, because it was just about the best compliment I could have gotten about it.

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