April 26th, 2005

When Polter-Cows Attack!

RLOS Patience: Commentary by Fish and Cow

Since our previous commentary was such a hit, I've decided to post the first one we did, a month ago, while watching the webcast of the Rice Light Opera Society's production of Patience, a lesser known Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera. Lesser known, but still kickass. Follow along in the libretto if you don't know the show, or you can simply enjoy all the references to Buffy, Gilmore Girls, and, of course, Veronica Mars. Personally, I think this one is funnier and better—and somehow shorter, despite being over a longer length of time—than our Reefer Madness commentary, but more people have seen Reefer Madness. Here's a sampler platter:

fishinginthemud (9:25:17 PM): i'm going to touch my forehead dramatically and hope other people follow my lead
FishingInTheMud (9:47:31 PM): how many damn bands have you started in the past hour?
Spectral Bovine (9:54:06 PM): Oh yes, that time she fell in love WHEN SHE WAS LIKE THREE.
Spectral Bovine (10:11:34 PM): Homely Unattractive Milkmaid Alert!
FishingInTheMud (10:46:10 PM): i think it's just that he's gay and that makes him unattainable
FishingInTheMud (10:48:04 PM): "rape me, hot poet!"
Spectral Bovine (11:01:00 PM): Aw. I was going to rhyme "jocular" with "cockular."
FishingInTheMud (11:05:08 PM): dude, if this gets you laid, i will eat my shoe
FishingInTheMud (11:16:52 PM): does that make the milkmaid weevil or veronica?

Read on if you dare!

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