March 11th, 2005

Frou Frou

Pillow Talk

So since Saturday, many things have happened regarding the infamous pillow.

wykbbb added my new and complete lyrics to the screencap.

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And by Monday, jb88 finished the pillow. Witness it in all its glory.

How much does she rock, huh? It looks amazing.

After a little discussion, we decided to let wonderwilma, who had snagged a gig as an extra on the show, deliver everything rather than try and jump through security hoops at the Paley Festival.

jb88 overnighted the pillow to her on Tuesday. On Wednesday, wonderwilma made the song lyrics presentable (I'm not sure how yet; I suggested lamination or foam board mounting). She and depudor prepared a gift basket, I think. And since we didn't want the whole thing to be about Kristen's lack of sleep, she made a little card for her with messages we e-mailed to her about appreciating Kristen's hard work for the show and all.


I'll tell you exactly what Kristen received:

- One awesome pillow embroidered by jb88
- One photo-printed, laminated picture with lyrics from Polter-Cow and wykbbb
- One lavender scented candle (for relaxation)
- One bottle of chamomile linen spray
- One bathroom stall card (complete with toilet) with lovely thoughts from TWoPers written inside

All of this went in a large red gift bag with white tissue (the pillow was too big to fit in a basket).
All this ridiculosity was coordinated through the Meet Market thread. And today...well, let's let wonderwilma speak for herself:

Now for the scoop:

I got to set with the intention of sneaking the present to her, but soon realized that wouldn't work. So I went up to the extras wrangler and asked him for permission to give her the gift. He asked the 2nd AD, who wanted me to show him the gift first. They were both very nice and helpful and didn't think I was a crazy stalker, so they easily agreed to letting me give her the gift. So, I waited and waited and waited some more, and was ultimately told that they would have to give it to her themselves. Then I was standing around outside waiting for them to shoot the last scene when the extras wrangler came over to me and asked for my first and last name. I first thought I was in trouble, but then realized KRISTEN wanted to know my name. As soon as they finished the scene, Kristen comes over to me and gives me a hug (why did it have to be when I was sweaty and stinky?). She then begins to thank me profusely for the gifts and "kind words."

"Everyone on set works so hard and we all get grumpy; we often lose sight of who we do this for. Please tell all of them 'thank you' for me."

The best part was when a rather smug PA tried to "casually" pull Kristin away, probably thinking I had approached her, and Kristen sharply tells her she'll go over when the shot's set up. Ha! Take that, PA! Not so smug now, are you?

Afterwards, the extras wrangler wrote my name down so he could tell his boss how nice I am. Part of me wants to believe him, and the other paranoid part of me thinks he wanted my name so he could say "that's the girl who posted the spoilers."

They did call me back to work tomorrow (on ep 21), so maybe it's the former.

I wish I could give you guys a more detailed accounting of what happened, but I kind of went into shock as soon as I saw her walking towards me, and spent the rest of the time trying not to stutter or sound stupid. Why does this always happen to me? The same thing happened when I met Ewan McGregor.

ETA: I couldn't get any pictures, because no cameras were allowed on set, and she came up to me while we were on set. Sorry.
I smiled. It's a weird look for me, and it makes my face hurt, but I smiled.

Couch Baron: That is brilliant that you guys went to all that effort and pulled it off. Congratulations!
healing fish: Seriously. Less than a week ago the pillow wasn't even a gleam in Polter-Cow's eye, and now it's actually in KB's hands. That's unbelievable. All of you are awesome beyond words.

I almost want to cry, and I feel weird for being so touched by appreciation for a gift to an actress who doesn't know me from Wallace, but it's not so much that. It's the fact that we did it. In less than a week, we pulled this crazy idea off. I had an idea to do a nice thing, and we made it happen.

These are the kinds of things that make me cry, the kinds of things that remind me of the beauty of humanity. Schindler's List made me cry, but not during any of the horrific scenes of the actual Holocaust. No, what made me cry was the scene where Schindler laments the number of people he didn't save, that his stupid pin was worth two lives, his car worth ten. The only Buffy episode that makes me cry is "The Prom," and it has nothing to do with the Buffy/Angel breakup and everything to do with the multitude of selfless acts: Xander buying Cordelia's dress, Buffy risking her life for the sake of others, Angel showing up to give her her special night, and of course, the Class Protector award.

It just makes me so happy that there are people around who would do this, who would put forth all this effort for, really, no reward at all. You can mock us for being crazy fans if you want. I think we did something wonderful. I think we are super-fine.

Thank you, Veronica Mars fans, for reminding me that people do not entirely suck.