March 5th, 2005

Good for you


So the people at the Veronica Mars forum at TWoP are freaks. Just look at what happened over there yesterday.

It all starts when Ostrich suggests sending Kristen Bell flowers or a gift basket. All the interviews say she's really tired, working insanely long days and getting little to no sleep.

fishinginthemudhealing fish calls this idea smurfy, which sets off a silly debate on whether they're smurfs or marshmallows or Twinkies or candy canes or whatever.

Then spectralbovinePolter-Cow, at 3:50 PM, suggests an inscribed pillow. It's just a random idea, but they immediately start arguing over what it should say, until backup10wykbbb hits the jackpot: "A long time ago, you used to get sleep."

In response, Polter-Cow starts filking the rest of the song.

At 4:56 PM, jb88 reveals that she knows how to embroider. And suddenly, the idea has a whole lot more weight. wykbbb thinks the Paley Festival would be a good time to get it to her.

By 6:14 PM, jb88 has already cut the fabric for a throw pillow-sized pillowcase.

Polter-Cow tries to make it all about him by asking about the song lyrics. car1fsu suggests Photoshopping them onto a screencap. Less than an hour later, wykbbb presents this, a preliminary offering.

jb88 wants to know where to put the lettering. Then she switches the color of the pillow and stitching. Which are white and red because Kristen likes the Detroit Red Wings.

wykbbb dubs the entire conversation pillow talk.

Finally, Polter-Cow finishes his bloody filk, "You Used to Get Sleep":

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The pillowcase is well under way. Currently, they're discussing making mix CDs and giving the rest of the cast gifts.

healing fish put it best when she said, "This is officially the day the snark died."

The above is clearly a poor imitation of the type of entry you see at Fandom_Wank. F_W represents the worst of fandom and really, humanity in general. It is a testament to the fact that when you get a large group of people together, they will inevitably self-destruct. People are petty and oversensitive and spiteful and bitter and really very horrible creatures.

But I'm not here to rant about F_W. Not really. I'd like to do the converse. Inverse. Proverse. Multiverse. I dropped my logic class.

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In any case, I'm proud of and happy about our pillow talk yesterday. The whole endeavor made me smile so much my face hurt.