February 25th, 2005

Morgan Webb

For Every Adam Sessler, There Is an Equal and Opposite Morgan Webb

My apologies to alliterator: I appreciated the cute cow icon he made me, and it served me well. It may return one of these days, especially if I become addicted enough to get a paid account.

But this is my first ever GIP, to show off my brand spankin' new icon, courtesy of the_partyman. We're leading the revolution, fighting for our right to squee over hot women:

Is it un-manly for a guy to *squee* over a female online? Is it wrong? Is it hilarious? Or would it show one's (attractive?) sensitive side?

The should be more squeeing, swooning, fainting and fan-love from the fandom fellas. We're thinking it, but we're not saying it. Perhaps I am too nice a guy and am overly worried about being considered sleazy. Maybe I am just looking for excuses to cover my ass for the fact that I seem entirely to figure out excatly *how* to flirt with Andrea Gabriel on The Fuselage, past the point of pathetic blushing.

A giant long-post about how guys get a bum deal in fandom 'cause they can't speak as freely as the ladies without being considered pervy or stalker-like? Its all in my head, but you'll have to just imagine it for now. The intelligent among you (I am sure there are some!) will probably come pretty close.
To this end, he's been making TV Girlfriend icons. Shannon Lucio (Lindsay on The O.C.), Evangeline Lilly, Maggie Grace, Emma Caulfield. Caroline Dhavernas and Jennifer Garner should be up soon.

I would be happy to claim any of them, but I think they're all pretty well represented in the LJ world. I commissioned an icon of someone I think doesn't get as much icontime.

Morgan Webb, co-host of G4 TechTV's X-Play, the best video game review show of all time. Pretty, cute, and hot, she's a triple-threat of attractiveness. Plus, she plays video games. What's hotter than a girl who plays video games?

In conclusion: "How I Spent My Summer Vacation, by Morgan Webb: For my summer vacation, I went to an orgy of death!"