February 8th, 2005

Good for you

The Second of Many Pimpings

The latest blog post includes a link to the worst article I have ever written. I'm putting the article writing on the back burner until I can kick this thesis into gear. More importantly, however, the post explains how HIV is (and is not) transmitted. Go, read, stop the stupid. Please leave blog-related comments on the blog.

The rest of the text of this entry is ganked entirely from that badass of badasses, alliterator:
I can't believe how far this thing has spread. I decided to help a Veronica Mars "renew our show" campaign on TWoP here by Photoshopping a fake two-dollar Veronica Mars bill. And guess what? People loved it. Holy heck. And now it's on a website and Chat with Kristin has mentioned the campaign.

So, for all you Veronica Mars watchers out there, here's a little something you can do to try and keep VM on the air.

1. Print out a copy of the fake Veronica Mars two-dollar bill (there are two versions: mine and cytox's - his is really good and bigger).

2. Write "Veronica Mars is smarter than me" on it.

3. Mail it to either the top brass at UPN or some local affiliates.

And for all you non-VM fans - what are you doing? WATCH IT!