February 1st, 2005

Good for you

The First of Many Pimpings

I have a new blog post that contains a link to my latest article. This week, in the print version, the blockquote was of my words, not my interviewee's! I wrote something blockquotable ("Epidemics can induce genetic change, in essence causing evolution on a small scale.")! Also included in today's post is a short explanation of prions. Remember to please leave blog-related comments (and questions/suggestions for future posts) on the blog, not here.

And now for a few other orders of business.

Lost fans! If you live in L.A. or happen to accidentally board a plane on its way there mid-April, you should check out Destination: L.A., a fundraiser for the Children's Defense Fund, California Chapter, J.J. Abrams' favorite charity. Meet your fellow fans and possibly some special guests, and participate in the auction. Maybe you can own a copy of Watership Down TOUCHED BY JOSH HOLLOWAY OMG. Or one of Shannon's hairclips. Or one of the hairs J.J. pulled out when he saw the impressionist CGI polar bear. Okay, I have no clue what they're auctioning off, but the people behind this shindig have organized many a successful shindig in the past, so if this is your thing, check out the website, read the FAQ (why does this always make me think of TWoP?), and register.

Wonderfalls DVDs are out! Go buy them!

In conclusion, if you don't like Veronica Mars, then you can't be my friend. Okay, kidding, you can be my friend. But I'll be making mean faces at you behind your back.

(I think I've discovered the slant of this journal. My regular diary is all about girls and food. This one? Science and fandom.)