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Murder Is Your Art

New Serenity trailer! It's like a combination of the first trailer and the international trailer. And the second half uses the Juno Reactor remix of "Guilty"! Totally sweet!

Also, I'm optimistic about the CBS airings of Veronica Mars hooking new viewers. Two people in the GG MM have already succumbed.

Finally, the reason "Flat Bionic Sporking Elves" is so catchy is because I wrote it in half an hour and thus made up some simple melodies to keep the meter straight. And these melodies were probably ripped off from Gilbert and Sullivan.

Now, to quote Tris: Battlestar. GALACTICA!

First off, let me note the bad. There was something off about the directing in this episode. Like, the visual style and shot composition didn't seem...right, a lot of the time. I couldn't put my finger on it. Also, that one Baltar/Six scene in the Baltie Dream House felt kind of heavy-handed with all the talk of salvation.

But since I'm on the subject of Baltar/Six, I'll start there. I'm finding God's stance on Kobol rather interesting. Six makes it sound like the scriptures aren't false, they're just...lesser. Like the Cylon's God is just better than the Lords of Kobol. But then again, I find it extremely hard to put what Six says into the actual context of the show since I think she's just a subconscious projection rather than an implanted version of the real Six. Regardless, it's much easier to at least treat what Six says as some sort of truth, because I still like the idea that somehow, Baltar is actually working out the entire Cylon religion and plan in his head, either based on his experiences with the real Six or logical/illogical extrapolation that happens to be coincidentally accurate.

So God has forsaken Kobol, huh? Then what the frak are the Cylons doing there? And may I once again repeat that the special effects on this show kick ass? Obviously, the Cylons are CGI, and I'm not even sure whether the missile thing and dradis dish were CGI or not. Everything looks so fucking real.

"I just joined to pay for dental school." I *heart* Cally. And Selix is hot.

I liked that Baltar wasn't lying when he said the guard on the dish was continuous. It was due to an accident. From his perspective, the guard looked continuous, and he had no way to verify otherwise. It's like a mini-metaphor for the entire series. Everyone sees things from different perspectives, and it's not they're wrong, it's just that they may not be seeing the entire picture; in fact, they might not know there's more to the picture than what they themselves have seen.

I liked that Tyrol called Crashdown on "owing it to Socinus and Tarn," cause that was a load of crap. Protecting the rescue party is a perfectly good reason to mount an attack, but, buddy, you're wearing your fallen comrades' dog tags around your neck. I think you have Issues.

And, okay, The Big Scene. Poor Cally, who just joined to pay for dental school. Crazy Crashdown, who's let his rank go to his head. And what the hell are you doing pulling your gun on Cally? Will shooting her actually help you in any way? Does the fact that Tyrol's plan to attack a potentially unguarded (and if not unguarded, two Cylons are fewer than five Cylons) dish makes a whole lot of sense reaching your addled brain? Apparently not.

I think everyone in the entire world heard the gunshot and thought, "Cally's obviously not dead. Tyrol shot Crashdown." And then. Baltar. With the gun. Becoming a man. Holy crap. You never know what to expect from this show except that you won't expect it.

And then, shit! The Cylon attack was intense. Bullets everywhere! I was on the edge of my damn seat. I thought Selix was a goner when she got shot like hell. I was so afraid the Cylons were going rip Tyrol apart with bullets and he was going to go out in a blaze of glory. It's unsettling to watch a show where I can honestly believe they'll just kill a character like that.

It's been a while since I've seen Saving Private Ryan, so I didn't recognize the ripoff/homage, but it was still fun to see Tyrol's bemused expression at having blown up a bunch of Cylons with his little gun.

So now they all have a dirty little secret that will haunt them for a while and/or come back to bite them in the ass, cause that's what this show does. And Six will be Baltar's conscience! Perfect! She's the poster child for morality and ethics.

Whew. That was Kobol, and it mostly rocked. But what of Galactica?

Well, Tigh sucks a lot. Back on the booze, he can't command the ship worth crap. Like, fucking Apollo would be better at running the thing ("Demanding job, commanding a battlestar."). Gaeta could do a better job. BILLY WOULD BE A BETTER COMMANDER. ("Why aren't you in the brig?" "...No one put me there.") And Dualla is awesome with the drinky-drink gesture.

The Prez is a kamala addict! Man, this isn't good. But now she's won the devotion of the Quorum of Twelve because she's the dying savior of humanity. Someone on TWoP posed the interesting question: which is worse, a military dictatorship or a theocracy? That's the kind of crazy questions this show asks! Except I think we're supposed to vote theocracy because Roslin sucks less than Tigh. Except is following religion so good, cause that's what the Cylons did, and THEY KILLED EVERYONE. Damn this show for being complex and thought-provoking.

I hate Ellen Tigh. The end.
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