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Winter Road Trip of Destiny, Part 2: Los Angeles (Echo Park, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica)

Los Angeles had already scared the shit out of me, so I hoped that the day would be kinder.

Thursday - Christmas Eve

My first stop was Golden Apple Comics. But first I had a small, life-changing errand. I had been getting and sending so many texts while trying to coordinate things that I had already gone over my limit—I get charged twenty cents a text, and the cheapest text bundle is five bucks, so after twenty-five texts I'm wasting money. So I called T-Mobile and asked them to give me the text bundle just for this month, and the woman backdated it so the texts I'd already used were included, and she set it to automatically expire at the end of the billing period, which was awesome...except for the fact that I would find texting so useful and entertaining that I ended up leaving the bundle on my regular plan. 300 texts a month, here I come.

In Golden Apple, I read Chew, Powers, and Spider-Woman. They had no Daredevil shirts, sadly. They also did not have Kabuki: Circle of the Blood, but they had a few other Kabuki trades. I asked one of the women—there were actually two women working the store, one older and one younger...obviously, I talked to the younger, cuter one—if they had CoB. They did not. I thought it might be out of print, but I had heard there was supposed to be a new printing.

She went to the computer to check if there was one on order and didn't see one. She said that my best bet was to find David Mack on Facebook and ask him to send me a copy. Ha! I told him that we were already Facebook friends; I had met him at several cons. "He's the nicest guy!" she said. I agreed.

I had all the other trades by now but was just missing the first one, so I couldn't start reading. I supposed I could just get it from the library. "Steal it," she whispered. Haaaaaa. It's always nice to meet another David Mack fan.

Next stop: Echo Park Time Travel Mart! I popped in the Sparta CD, and the first track was awesome. (And track 9 turned out to be the track I had thumbsed-up on Pandora, so score!!) I hit bad traffic on 101, which seemed to be a theme. I found parking in Echo Park pretty easily.

San Francisco has the pirate store, and Los Angeles has the time travel store. Oh, those 826 folk.

That is, again, the first photo in the gallery, and you can click through to see the ones I don't post.

My favorite is the fire poster: "FIRE GOOD...but also BAD."

Aha, the living...er, inorganic embodiment of the shirt I wanted to buy!

There seemed to be a theme...but I was not ready to go inside yet because, lo, I had to go to the restroom.

Next door was a bookstore called Stories. In the back was a public restroom that was for one person at a time and it had a lock and I felt safe. But I was not a total freeloader this time, for, lo, I discovered a copy of the 1970 edition of Prince Caspian that Lisa was missing from her Narnia collection! Merry Christmas to her. I verified that it was the right book via text message! Man, texting was handy.

All right, back to the Echo Park Time Travel Mart, which...oh my God, ha ha ha ha:

It was actually laid out like a convenience store! Brilliant! I mean, you could buy parts for your time machine.

And servant bells.

And a box of zero! And nanobots!

And Viking odorant!

And leeches!

And robot emotions. The place was full of amusingness and whimsy. What it was not full of was shirts in my size, dammit. I found a shirt in M, but it was a women's shirt. The men's shirts were all S or XL. Blarg.

There were several hilarious signs behind the counter.

Having successfully engaged in time travel hijinks, I was ready for lunch. Dahlia, unfortunately, was not free, so I was on my own. I spied a taco truck nearby. I had really wanted to check out the Korean BBQ truck or even the Julia-recommended grilled cheese truck, but neither was running on Christmas Eve (ironically, one of the trucks had been at the EPTTM last night). I asked the woman at the mart for lunch recommendations but decided to just go with the taco truck. Tacos Arizas, it was called.

Tacos were $1.25 and burritos were only $4.00! Huh. They also had sopes, but I didn't know what those were. There were lots of meat choices, some I'd never seen before (tripas? buche?), so I figured I'd just stick with good old pollo. I could have ordered in elementary Spanish, but I didn't want to be a poser, so I asked for one chicken taco and one chicken burrito. I tossed my change in the tip jar.

The taco was just a tortilla and meat, so I went and added onions and radishes. I sat on a milk crate and chowed down. It was really good! I regretted tossing seventy-five cents into the tip jar because that was over half a taco and I wanted another one! I could have used that change! The burrito was just meat and pinto beans and rice with some salsa, no other vegetables. The meat, though, was very tasty. It tasted like they'd just killed a chicken and boiled it right there. Of course, soon after making this observation, I came upon some bone or cartilage and decided to stop eating.

After lunch, I did not know what to do. It was Christmas Eve. Everyone was busy or not there. I was on my own. What should I do with my time? Just punch locations into my GPS? All right, let's do that. Dessert! April had mentioned Scoops as a dessert option the other night, so let's try to go there. Magiben found "Los Angeles Scoops Ice Cream," which seemed very formal, but it was the only thing that came up, and it was not that far.

I popped in the Everclear CD, which was great because it sounded like Everclear. They're consistent that way. I found myself in what seemed like downtown Los Angeles, with signs to landmarks and things like that. And then I passed Little Tokyo Shopping Center, and Magiben claimed I had arrived, so...I guessed it was in there? I expected it to be a freestanding institution. The Shopping Center had parking, but I didn't want to pay in case I was wrong. So I kept going past and looked for parking. I found some sketchy backstreets near construction where there were no signs, and I couldn't tell where one was allowed to park, but...it was sketchy. And I didn't want to take any chances.

So I drove back to the Office Depot I had seen with a big parking lot. I'd just park there and walk to the Shopping Center...except there were scary signs that said there was one-hour parking for shopping in the plaza, and if you left the premises, that gave them permission to tow your car. What the fuck?? They even had security guys.

Well, there was a Yogurtland in the plaza, so I checked it out. It was a self-serve per-oz place. Seemed fine, but I wanted ice cream this time! I could compare it to Scoops. I walked along the sidewalk, my eye on the security guys. I mean, they wouldn't know which car was mine anyway, right? I pull this shit in Emeryville all the time! There's no way for them to know. I think I even crossed the street before I said, fuck it, it wasn't worth it. I would just go to fucking Yogurtland and hope my stepping off the goddamn premises for a minute didn't give them permission to tow my car.

At Yogurtland, I sampled a few flavors, and they tasted like the frozen yogurt I was used to. They had some "tart" flavors that tasted like yogurt, though. Pomegranate-raspberry, for instance. In the end, I got a circle of Dutch chocolate, peanut butter, and pistachio. I didn't want that much. I added peanuts, almonds, Oreos, and, in honor of Pinkberry, strawberry and kiwi. To my surprise, at $0.30/oz, it came out to only $2.84! So cheap! Awesome! No need to pay four or five bucks for way more yogurt than I needed, and it was still good.

I ate outside across from a few cops. I wanted to ask them if they had heard about a mugging at the Jack in the Box across from Amoeba. I really wanted to know what the hell had happened. I felt stupid being scared about something I didn't even know. Maybe someone had been arrested, not mugged. In which case shouldn't the cop have informed the other person in the restroom that everything was okay? It was their job to make me feel safe, and they were doing a pretty shitty job of it, if that's what that was!

My car had not been towed. What to do now? I was supposed to get to 1_aga's place before dinner, but I still had some time to kill. Well, you know what I like? Comic book stores. I searched for nearby bookstores. Daily Planet? That sounded like a comic book store! Let's go there.

On the way, I passed Cafe 101, and I realized I had been there! With Ivy and Dahlia and Christal, when I had been down in Redlands with family in 2006.

Magiben said the destination was on my left, but I didn't see any Daily Planet! I did see a used bookstore, though, so that would work. And there was an adjacent neighborhood where I found real, non-sketchy parking. (I must have been near the Hollywood sign because I encountered signs that told me that the roads did not lead to the Hollywood sign, so go away, terrorists! Or whatever.)

I found Counterpoint, which was having a 30% off sale! And they had books and CDs. But I did want to see whether I'd just missed this comic book store. I walked down the block on Franklin and didn't find Daily Planet anywhere.

I turned around and began walking back. To my left, I noticed a jogger. I looked up as he passed me.


"That was Joshua Jackson," I said an instant later, having taken half a second to really process what I had seen. I didn't bother to turn around and yell. He probably didn't want to be bothered, and I think he was wearing headphones. He looked like himself. But it was Joshua Jackson! Random celebrity sighting, ho!

And! Because I could now text freely, I could text, "Joshua Jackson just jogged right past me," to like 20 people. "STALK HIM," replied sainfoin_fields.

Inside, I found Rage Against the Machine's The Battle of Los Angeles and A Perfect Circle's Mer de Noms used, so I picked them up. The latter I had wanted for a while, and the former seemed appropriate to buy in L.A.

Then I looked through the graphic novel section. And...

...they had Kabuki: Circle of Blood. It was just sitting there. It was in near-perfect condition. And it was $7.50. And then I got 30% off.

"I am king of everything!" I declared.

After that score, I wasn't going to press my luck any further, but I did need to go back to Golden Apple and proclaim my victory. I wanted to make a grand entrance, book in hand, but I saw that the woman I had talked to was talking to someone else. So I waited for her to be free. Then when I checked again, she wasn't there! Living shit! I walked in. She was probably in the back. I waited for her to come out of the back. Man, my grand entrance was totally ruined.

But when she was free, I held up the book and said, "Look what I found!"

"Where?" she said. I told her.

"And check the price!" I said. The other woman behind the counter quipped, "Five dollars!" Nope, but $7.50 plus 30% off was just as good.

She gave me a high-five. "It was just sitting there!" I said. "David Mack will be so happy."

"Well, not that it was just sitting there," said the other woman.

"Yeah," said the first woman. "Don't put that in your Facebook update." I was happy to be able to finally read the series. The woman said that David really put himself into it, so she was sure I'd like it. We chatted a bit about WonderCon and Joe at Flying Colors. I was going to read Kabuki before I saw David Mack at WonderCon this year.

"Tell him his friends at Golden Apple say hi," the woman said. I asked her name. It was Kendra. I was Sunil.

"I just wanted to share my good fortune with you," I said as I left.

And it was off to Redondo Beach! I put on The Battle of Los Angeles so I could listen to it in Los Angeles. It seemed appropriate.

I had stayed with Laga last time, but this time she had a guest room all prepared for me. When I arrived, she was cooking dinner. I asked if she wanted some background music, and she and her roommate, D, got excited, as they had quite enjoyed my previous mix, ...Weird. Well, I had brought ...¿Weirder? Laga unsuccessfully guessed the artists of various tracks, but she did recognize "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?" Dinner was garlic-lime chicken and mashed potatos and salad. The garlic-lime chicken was very strong, but it was good.

I could tell from the poker table and D&D figurines that this was a gaming establishment, which meant Laga and D were willing to try out the new game I had bought from my comic book/game store solely on the recommendation of a staff member. It was called Pocket Rockets. As he said, "Unfortunate name, but fun game." The object of the game was to build rockets, and I read the directions out loud since it was my first time. The directions seemed kind of confusing, but once we started playing, we got the hang of it. I won twice in a row, but I had no unfair advantage! I'd never played before either. Laga and D gave it a thumbs up.

Then we watched Something, Something, Something, Dark Side, which, like Blue Harvest—and most Family Guy in general—had some hilarious moments, some terrible moments, and some meh moments.

And then we played Zombie Fluxx! It went on so long and there were so many zombies and it was just a goddamn zombie apocalypse until someone played the Ungoal and the zombies won. So then we played regular Fluxx, which was also fun. And then Family Business. They had never played any of these games, so it was cool to introduce them.

By this time, however, I had to ask Laga to clean the crumbs off the table. There were crumbs on the table! I didn't want my cards to get all crumby!

Anyway, Family Business was fun because we really got into our mobs and talked in funny accents and harassed specific mobsters with funny names. Of course, the first time, we played wrong and I thought the game was broken until I read the rules and remembered how to play correctly. The first game, I had kept changing accents, as I couldn't do as good a fake Italian accent as D, so for the second game, I was an Indian Murder Inc. Which led to the Capone Mob hating my curry. Indian accent! Always a crowd-pleaser! D won both games, the bastard.

Finally, Laga put on "A Very Supernatural Christmas," which I fell asleep during because I was very tired.

Friday - Christmas

I finally got myself out of bed around 9ish. Laga was chopping vegetables and listening to Venture Brothers Christmas songs. The Yule log was on TV.

I was very confused. But Laga was wearing a festive hat, so it was okay.

Dahlia arrived, and I was ready with Hanukkah gifts! There was, of course, her Locke shirt. And I had also picked up The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming at the pirate store. She felt bad, not having gotten me anything, but that was okay. We loaded up my car and Laga's car with food and presents. Christmas was going to be at Laga's brother's house, and I had invited my good Jewish friend along. Dahlia and I went in my car because I had to show off my car to people, of course. I popped in her mix CD, The Alternative Factor, which included songs from CDs I'd gotten at Amoeba with her during my last visit. My mixes are full of Easter eggs, you guys!

We followed Laga, but we had the GPS as a backup. We passed 234th St, which seemed excessive. At some point you just have to give up, you know?

Laga's brother lived up on a hill that overlooked the city. We entered the house carrying various things. A woman I think must have been Laga's sister-in-law—I couldn't really keep track of who everyone was—expressed pleasure in seeing me, whom Laga had apparently talked about, and said, "We hug here." So I attempted to give her a hug with my hands full of stuff. Introductions were made and promptly forgotten. But there was a promise of lox sandwiches! Who needs to know anyone's name when there are lox sandwiches?

While the fixings were prepared, Laga gave us a tour of the awesome house that had a bar and smoking patios and at least three floors and a winding staircase and a walk-in tub and a great view of the city. We could see the Hollywood sign in the distance. Plus, there were apparently no load-bearing walls! The house was held up by poles. It was a very neat place.

After the tour, Laga confirmed that the lox was Nova Scotian lox, her favorite. I didn't know there were different kinds. I was asked if I wanted my bagel toasted. Of course I wanted it toasted! Later, someone mentioned the "bagel controversy," and I replied, "There's no controversy!" IT IS A BAGEL. IT IS MEANT TO BE TOASTED. (Except when there is no toaster, in which case good, fresh bagels actually taste good untoasted.)

We sat in the dining room with our bagel sandwiches and orange juice. Or mimosas, if you were not me. I had brought along champagne my boss had given everyone for Christmas, and I noticed that it had 1% more alcohol than the champagne they had already. Ooh, fancy. I had also brought April's vegetarian brie, but it never got used, I don't think.

Dahlia sat at the head of the table. Or did she? D was across from me and questioned whether she was at the head or the foot. I put forth that the candle was the heart, and the napkins were the...colon. D moved them down a bit. Dahlia said that if someone said she was not the head, she would simply declare they were wrong.

I was surprised by the small number of people at the house, but it turned out we were just early. More of Laga's family began to arrive, with cookies or a baby. We heard Laga explaining to her people who these strangers were. They were familiar with the Buffistas, so I was good. But then we heard her say, "I don't know anything about Dahlia." Haaaa ha ha. Dahlia rose so she could give her autobiography, during which we realized we'd known each other for eight years.

Guacamole! That's what my notes say. It was good.

I asked Laga if she wanted to build some rockets, and she was game, so she and Dahlia and I played Pocket Rockets while we waited for the food. Dahlia won the first game, and I may have won the second? They were much closer games than the ones we'd played the previous night.

The things you learn when you meet your friends' mothers: Laga's mom was an extra in Straight Talk. Laga's sister was supposed to be an extra, but she answered the phone instead, and although her daughter wasn't free, could she be in the movie? Apparently she is very noticeable in the background.

The things your mom learns when she meets your friends: Laga tried to explain the various games we had played last night, with some difficulty.

Dinner—I kind of like holiday dinners where you have a giant meal around 3 that sustains you for the rest of the day, it's neat—was not a Christmas turkey. Caesar salad—named after a guy named Caesar, but not the Caesar: we mused upon having salads named after ourselves. Spinach quiche, mushroom quiche, and creamy bean soup—mine with fake meat—topped with Fritos. The creamy bean soup was kind of like chili, and it was very yummy and filling. It was Laga's mom's recipe that she had submitted to the Chicago Tribune for some thing where they would come up with low-fat versions of old family recipes. What we were eating, though, was the full-of-fat version. Mmm.

There was scattered gifting throughout the day (like Laga's mom receiving a couple of VHS tapes of Straight Talk). I was amused that Laga also enjoyed putting presents in larger boxes and then wrapping the boxes. Here's a sewing machine! Merry Christmas! She got her nephews some very punk rock T-shirts.

I noticed a Sue Grafton book and wondered what would happen when she ran out of letters. Someone suggested that she should move on to symbols!

"@ Is for...@tack!" I said. "& Is for..." I couldn't think of one. "# Is for # Cake."

Then there was a spell where everyone looked at old family pictures, which was terribly interesting for most everyone else in the house, of course, but Dahlia wondered how long we were going to stay. I told her we should at least stay till the gifts. There was going to be some Yankee Swap action going on, both with real gifts and white elephant gifts.

Finally, it was decided that it was time for gifts. Come oooooon, Christmas! Laga's mom passed out cards to determine the order. We would go from highest card downward, and the person who went first also got to go last because the first person has no chance to steal a gift. Laga's sister got the high card and unwrapped a new vintage Risk. That is, it was a new set with a vintage board and pieces. With a Target gift receipt taped to the back. That looked appealing and steal-worthy to me since I wanted to have more games and have gaming nights!

Further gifts included a Presto Quick Burger and a Screature, a totally awesome animatronic dinosaur toy that tried to bite you if you touched it. It was way cool and I coveted it for my cube. D wisely went for the gift that was actually several gifts tied together. It turned out to be a children's book written by Tony Kushner and illustrated by Maurice Sendak (what!), a really cool Wicked pop-up book, and something else that looked pretty cool. There were some good gifts! Another one of Laga's sisters got a set of Godfather DVDs. All three movies!

Well, when it came to me, I was certainly not going to take my chances with a wrapped gift when there were a few things I wanted out in the open. "I've never seen the Godfather," I said, "so I'm going to steal the DVDs."

Laga's sister-in-law, as most people do, responded, "You've never seen The Godfather?" She added, "I love that movie."

Laga's youngest (?) sister could now steal a gift or pick a wrapped one. She picked...mine! Ooh, I had been waiting to see the reaction to my gift, which was the Pride and Prejudice graphic novel.

She...was not really excited in any way at all. Le sigh. Even after removing the plastic and looking inside. The rest of the swap, she constantly tried to persuade other people to steal it, insincerely proclaiming its awesomeness. Laga's mom said that the gift was at least providing a lot of entertainment. That's something, I suppose.

Dahlia was up next, and she resisted the hard sell, saying she'd already read Pride and Prejudice. Instead she found herself the proud owner of Godiva chocolates and liqueur.

"We could have alcohol?!" exclaimed Laga's youngest sister.

It was time for Laga's teenage nephews, the younger of whom got the Christmas Story leg lamp, which went over as well as my graphic novel had. For him, at least. Laga immediately stole it from him, allowing him to choose Dahlia's gift, which was a Stormtrooper bobblehead. And he collected bobbleheads!

His brother unwrapped Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. Dude! That was from Laga's sister-in-law, who couldn't resist buying it when she saw it. Laga's mom stole Dahlia's chocolates, so Dahlia stole Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots!

"We are playing that tonight," I said.

This allowed the kid to unwrap another gift—they never stole anyone's gift, always choosing the joy of unwrapping instead—and get Beavis and Butthead DVDs! Nice!

It had finally come back around to Laga's sister, who now got to go again since she went first. "I already have Risk," she said, "but I don't have Godfather DVDs..." NOOOOOOOOOOO. GODDAMN YOU MACHIAVELLI MEETS CHRISTMAS.

She stole my DVDs and handed me Risk. Now I could trade with someone else if I wanted, and they could trade, and there could be a lot of mayhem afterward. There were various things in the room I wanted, but with the obvious exception of the girl who had ended up with my spectacularly awful gift, most people seemed pretty happy with what they had. And so did I.

"Actually, I'm good with Risk," I said, bringing the game to a close.

Then it was time for the white elephant gifts! There was an abundance of these, so even people who hadn't brought anything were allowed to play. We went the opposite direction. The shitty gifts were very amusing and very shitty. Laga got a fish in a net that was like those ball-in-a-cup games. Her brother got the Ungame, which sounded pretty terrible as a game, though intriguing for the lulz on game night. Someone got an awful set of CDs of Christmas music. Laga's youngest sister, who was playing as a team with her boyfriend, got a set of two Monopoly mugs with year-old hot cocoa, a regift from Laga. The mugs got stolen by Laga's nephew—okay, sometimes they stole—but Laga did warn him that the hot cocoa was a year old. The mugs were pretty cool, though. Laga's youngest sister then chose a wrapped gift that turned out to be...two country line dancing VHS tapes. Wow. Someone else got a VHS tape about our natural parks. There were a couple gifts we called the "boobs" because, well. They were actually snow globes with family pictures inside.

After all these fabulous prizes were out in the open, I decided to try my luck.

I got a shower cap. A bouffant shower cap. Luckily, Laga's mom expressed interest in it, so I hoped she would steal it from me. Before that, however, Dahlia grabbed my gift, a little "What's Your IQ?" thing. Then there was a scarf and earrings...for one of the nephews, I think. And a hockey mask that was at first stolen but then pimped out, already unwanted.

Finally, Laga's mom stole my shower cap, and I could pick something else. I tried my luck again...and got a toy llama!! It had a saddle and everything! It was adorable!


"Why do you always take what I waaaaaaant???" I cried. I picked something else. It was a ceramic dog doorstop with a necklace of Christmas lights. Oh well, it could guard my cube. There were so many gifts that some people got to go twice. Dahlia ended up with a snow globe as well, with Laga's sister-in-law's picture inside. Her eyes were closed. Ah, it would remind her of her good times there.

After acquiring our bounty, some of Laga's family had to depart for other Christmases, and we took the opportunity to make our exit as well. Dahlia and I thanked Laga's family for having us, and they complimented us for being good sports. We didn't roll our eyes once! I told them omnis_audis had recommended them, so I knew we'd have a good time. They missed him; he'd spent a Christmas with them before. I invited them to come up to see my play in March. Laga will keep them in the loop.

On the way back, we took 190th St. Damn! That is a lot of streets. Magiben showed me the way back to Laga's apartment, where Dahlia took her car and I followed her back to her apartment in Santa Monica. She did not follow Magiben's directions, and Magiben got very angry. She was a good sport about it, though.

It was regular dinner time, but we were not hungry, huzzah! I was in the mood to just chill, and so was Dahlia. She had a bunch of Oscar screeners. I went through them and picked the three I wanted to see: Fantastic Mr. Fox, An Education, and The Hurt Locker. I asked Dahlia to pick one, and she picked the right one, which was Fantastic Mr. Fox. Finally, I would get to see it! And it was just the right movie to watch to relax after Christmas. We encountered some technical difficulties when the Wii wouldn't play the burned DVD, but she got the portable DVD player to hook up to the TV properly.

Fantastic Mr. Fox was great. I loved it! It's so much more of an adult movie than a children's movie, but it's still enjoyable and funny and very well done. It would be the clear winner in a non-Pixar year.

Dahlia and I agreed that it was kind of an odd movie. She said it was weird even for Wes Anderson. I'd only seen Rushmore and had not been that impressed, but I kind of wanted to see it again and reevaluate since everyone liked it so much. Plus, Olivia Williams. I had not seen The Royal Tenenbaums.

"You haven't seen The Royal Tenenbaums???" exclaimed Dahlia. "I love that movie!" She got that glow in her eye that one does: "Do you want to watch it?" Sure!

The Royal Tenenbaums was funnier in its first ten minutes than all of Rushmore, but then it got kind of serious. It was funny and serious and I wasn't sure what I thought about it by the end, but it was pretty good.

When the movie was over, it was around ten o'clock. Dahlia said, "I know it's early, but..."

Oh, I was good with that plan too. "I'm all vacationed out," I said.

"You just started!"

I got in some Daredevil reading before going to sleep.

Saturday - Boxing Day

I got up at 8ish. My biological clock was not going to let me sleep in on vacation. After getting ready, I texted mutinousmuse and asked whether it was better to come before or after lunch. She was still sleeping, so, yeah, after lunch was better. Which worked out fine for me, actually, since I got more time with Dahlia.

Also, it meant we could watch An Education, which was great. Nice and funny and sweet and just on the line of icky.

Then, since we hadn't done it last night, we opened Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots and tried to assemble it. And, good God, it was way harder than it should have been. It took us forever to get the robots to snap into place properly and not fall down when they punched. I didn't want to break the things! And after we finally got both robots snapped into place, it was practically impossible to punch the head off. The commercials made it look so easy! Even throwing the fight didn't work. There seemed to be no configuration that would allow one robot to punch the other's head off. We did eventually get it to work.

Dahlia suggested several lunch options, and I picked the one we could walk to, Dagwood's. On the way, we passed a hyperbaric oxygen clinic, which was not as awesome as seeing an oxygen bar.

Dagwood's was a pizza and stuff place, and Dahlia recommended the calzones. I ordered the BBQ chicken calzone. She treated me as my Christmas gift. We took a number, but I thought the number was kind of pointless since we were the only people in the restaurant. The calzone was really good, very cheesy. Lots and lots of cheese. Tasty. Mmm. Dahlia got a chicken parmesan sandwich, but the chicken wasn't breaded! Huh. She still liked it, though. And she loved her job! That being the topic of conversation.

After lunch, it was time to leave Los Angeles for more southerly cities.

I had survived the mean streets of Los Angeles, but could I handle Neptune? I mean...San Diego?
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  • Fleabag? More Like T-Bag!

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