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God Loves His Children

I picked up Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross at Half-Price on its reputation alone. My pusher had described it as "the one where Superman is Jesus," and although the story does use a lot of Biblical imagery—especially the Book of Revelation—that's not really what it's about. In fact, what it's about is what it's about, since it felt more like a thought experiment than a comic at first: what would happen if the superheroes turned their backs on humanity? I found it very hard to follow since I'm not well versed in the DCU, but it eventually got more interesting and it did end up making me think about the dichotomy between humans and metahumans and whether they could really coexist. The painted art was very pretty, but I thought it actually detracted from the story and exacerbated the impenetrableness of the narrative. The book is very full of itself.

But you guys don't like comics, you like TV. Dollhouse has turned into quite the interesting and exciting show, hasn't it?

I am far more interested in this show now. Hell, "Meet Jane Doe" was the first time I actually found Echo to be an interesting character. I really liked her monologue about realizing that Caroline was kind of a crappy person, and even though she was in her body, she, Echo, was Someone Else. And she felt she was Someone apart from all her imprints. Unfortunately, that Someone is in love with Paul Ballard for some reason

And oh man, Topher. It's definitely unnerving to see everything leading up to "Epitaph One," and that scene with a broken Topher just becomes more and more terrible. He only figured Rossum's plan out so that he could stop it. I do agree with Adelle that he was also completely fascinated and he wanted to see What He Could Do, but it was clear he never meant to start the Imprint Apocalypse. I wonder what sort of "helping people" use Rossum plans to make up. I suppose you could help the mentally ill by imprinting them with sane versions of themselves?

Also, I kind of can't believe they blew up that guy. I feel like it's rare for a show to brutally kill the hostage. The only reason they show us a hostage situation is for the heroes to save the hostage, you know?

It's like Alan Tudyk was always supposed to play villains. He's really good at it!

If the show went on to a third season, they could have turned it into The Pretender with Echo assuming various roles and helping wayward immigrants.

This week's first episode, though, made her even more powerful! I feel like she's got to explode with all those personalities downloaded into her.

I really don't understand exactly what "Active architecture" is, but I like the various McGuffin-y ways it's been coming into play lately. Now it can be used to make supersoldiers with a hivemind! Oooh.

I know I've seen people trapped in shifting nightmares and dreamscapes and being hunted by some dark creature before...wait, it's fucking "Restless," isn't it? That's why it felt familiar. How cool that Dominic has become a mental freedom fighter, though! Ha.

Aw, Clyde. Trapped in "Epitaph One"! Man. I can't think of another show that has hinged so strongly on one episode before. That episode gives this entire series a purpose, a reason to be. And it didn't even air! Man.

I'm glad they explained the Attic because I was wondering why the hell they bothered with all that equipment and personnel when they could just, you know, kill them. Human computers! Fun times, fun times.

The back-and-forth with Adelle is driving me nutty! I can't take all the betrayals and double-crosses and fake-outs and fake-ins and WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. I think if I just believe that she is not actually an evil backstabbing bitch, things will make more sense from here on out.

The final scene was awesome! Everyone banding together to take down Rossum! Yay! And then Echo had to go and ruin it by invoking fucking Caroline. Look, no one gives a shit about meeting Caroline, okay?

I don't understand what they were even planning to do in a third season. Things are moving insanely fast, and they didn't know they were canceled yet. It seems like they were moving to a whole new paradigm for the show, very different from most of the first season. Hell, unless they go back on it, they replaced Victor and Sierra with Tony and Priya, who won't willingly go back to being Actives, surely. Of course, they replaced Ballard with Ballard...minus something. I hope it's his libido.
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