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The Beastmaster Is Dating a High Schooler!

Tonight I interviewed a high school girl for admission to Rice. She came here from China last year, so her English was a little broken, but passable.

As we were leaving, I told her to feel free to e-mail me with any questions she had about Rice and such.

In a complete non sequitur, she said, "I don't know if this is appropriate...but you're a good-looking guy."

...I said, "Thank you." It was not appropriate! But it was amusing! Especially since, from my name, she had been expecting a woman.

So I'm attractive to underage Chinese girls. That's...something, I guess.
glasseseater: I could go for a high school girlfriend

spectralbovine: Oh my God.

I just met Knives Chau (17 Years Old).

This past Saturday, I watched all of V and V: The Final Battle, which SyFy helpfully aired a while back. They were quite enjoyable! I was amused at how truly heavy-handed the Nazi allegory was...in that they fucking came right out and said it. Of course, it wasn't until then that I noticed that the Visitors' logo looked like a swastika.

It took me a while to identify all the characters because for the first hour, it was like, "Ah, it's the handsome white dude and his Asian sidekick. And the woman with big hair! And the other woman with big hair! And...the other woman with big hair! And the other handsome white dude! And the old lady! And the other old lady! And the old dude! And the other old dude! And the black guy! The other black guy! CHARACTER OVERLOAD OMG." I don't even know how long it took me to remember anyone's name. I have forgotten most of their names already. But I liked the heroine a lot; she was pretty cool. And the Korean sidekick. And Diana was pretty great, especially in the second miniseries, which was more action-packed and full of explosions.

I must say, though, that the infamous guinea pig scene was disappointing. The special effects editing was so bad! I know it was the eighties, but still. It took me out of the moment. Not that it isn't still a memorable image. What wasn't disappointing was the lizard baby. Oh my God!

I liked watching the rebel group form and grow and develop, this scrappy team of regular people who band together to defeat their alien oppressors. It was good stuff! I kind of want to watch the TV series.

But I am already watching a TV series! I am really digging the new V. I can see that they've changed a lot, but they've kept most of the basic elements (while introducing new ones that offer more storytelling potential). The med student became an FBI agent, and the journalist became a priest. I'm amused that even in the original miniseries, the Hitler Youth character was the douchiest douche in Douchelandia, except he was seduced by a hot guy instead of Supergirl. Anna is a very different sort of villain from Diana, and I like how the new series has been very coy about showing the Visitors really being eeeeeevil. The idea that they are of peace, always, is pushed much more heavily, whereas in the miniseries, it quickly seems to get to the point where you can't see the Visitors as anything but villains. You can take it slower in a TV series, so right now, they get to fuck with your head a bit.

The series will have a new showrunner when it comes back in March, so I wonder how the show will change. I haven't really had the issues with it that others apparently have. I think it's more solid and sure of itself than FlashForward. It's exciting and intriguing and has neat plot twists. The new showrunner wants to have an OMG moment in every episode, though, so I am all for it! What is television without OMG moments, after all.

Basically, thumbs up for alien oppressors masquerading as bringers of peace! Good story, however you do it.
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