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The Great Winter Road Trip

People of the Southwest! I am planning an AWESOME ROAD TRIP for my Christmas vacation! I have a new car and a GPS and I figure I should put them to good use.

If you live in or near the following cities—or will be in or near them during Christmas/New Year's—this post will be of great interest to you: Los Angeles, San Diego, Tucson, Phoenix, Tustin, San Luis Obispo.

Below is my tentative itinerary, which is subject to change. I am looking for people to see and/or stay with so I only have to do it Winchester-style a few nights. I can repay you in meals and/or mix CDs.

Dec. 22—Drive down to Los Angeles. Stay with aprilbegins.
Dec. 23—Do absolutely nothing Lady Gaga-related. But stay with aprilbegins.
Dec. 24—Do Christmas Eve things? With people?
Dec. 25—Do Christmas things? Find someone to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special with.
Dec. 26—Drive down to San Diego. Staying with mutinousmuse is dependent on her husband's health, so I need a backup.
Dec. 27—Do San Diego things.
Dec. 28—Drive to Tucson. Find a Motel 6?
Dec. 29—Hang out with shpyum and, if she is around, duchessdogberry.
Dec. 30—Hang out more! I drove all this way! Feed me yummy food!
Dec. 31—Drive to Tustin via Phoenix. This is the longest leg of the trip, so a brief stop in Phoenix may be wise. Does Tustin have New Year's Eve festivities?
Jan. 1—Play videogames and geek out about Daredevil with equustel. Meet Sokka the parrot. Make equustel download the Doctor Who New Year's Special for me.
Jan. 2—More playing and geeking out. Drive up to Los Angeles. Stay with dahliam.
Jan. 3—Drive up to the San Luis Obispo area to check out the famous Hearst Castle.
Jan. 4—Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

So! Please let me know if you will be in the area and want to see me, so we can make plans. And especially let me know if I can crash somewhere. I will have my car, so it's not like you would be responsible for entertaining me all day.

If you do not live anywhere near the area, you can still be a part of this awesome road trip for, lo, I need road trip mixes! I will be driving for many hours on some days, and Smellerbee could run out of juice or I could get tired of the same 272 songs, so road trip mixes would be cool! If you are up to the challenge, send me an e-mail, and I will give you my address.

I've never gone on a road trip by myself before, just driving from town to town hanging out with friends, so I'm excited. I hope you are too!
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