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Hugs, Zombies, Comic Books, and Indian Food

This weekend, lodessa came down to visit, since I had gone up twice and she owed me a visit and we just picked a weekend and made it happen. Also, it gave me an excuse to clean my apartment. We gerunded quite a bit!
  • hugging lodessa upon her arrival
  • whisking her away for lunch and parallel parking perfectly—though not on the first try
  • beating the Bakesale Betty rush, which deprived her of the waiting-in-line experience, although she got it vicariously by watching everyone else in line
  • getting complimentary lemon ices and shortbreads with our fried chicken sandwiches
  • extolling the many virtues of the famous fried chicken sandwich—the bread, the large amount of chicken, the cabbage salad, the jalapeños
  • enjoying the best shortbread ever
  • hanging out in It's Your Move, a game store, and attempting and failing to play Dino-Mite! because there was no die
  • showing lodessa College Avenue, one of my favorite avenues, which appeared to have a lot of salons
  • discovering in Diesel that it was National Bookstore Day
  • pawing over children's books in Pegasus
  • admitting to the possibility that I used to think falafels were Indian food since my mom made them
  • getting the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie from the library because Cute Comic Book Store Girl #2 (CCBSG2...she sounds like a protein), who dressed as original Buffy for Halloween, recommended I watch it again since I hadn't seen it since it came out
  • watching lodessa admire my comics and recommending everything to her
  • passing off La Perdida to her so it would no longer be in my apartment
  • watching the original Star Trek pilot, "The Cage," and commenting on how it was Bizarro Star Trek but yet still Star Trek
  • watching the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer and commenting on how it was Bizarro Buffy but...no, it really is sort of Bizarro Buffy even though some of the seeds for the series are clear
  • remembering how awesome Pike was and being surprised at his prominence in the trailers
  • watching lodessa admire my books and pointing out books I owned but hadn't read while she pointed out books I owned that she had read
  • shoving one of my two copies of The Princess Bride into her hand when she said she'd never read it
  • reading aloud two of my favorite short stories from when I was a kid, "Much Ado About [Censored]" by Connie Willis—I hadn't realized she was the author until yesterday and now I am more interested in reading her books—and "Brian and the Aliens" by Will Sh*tt*rly—I hadn't realized he was the author until I bought the book a few months ago and now I feel sort of dirty, but I read this story to my brother a lot
  • ordering butter chicken and chicken tikka masala at Little Delhi and not being blown away by the chicken tikka masala but being reminded of my mom's butter chicken
  • admitting that until recently I thought my mom invented butter chicken
  • debating whether our cute waitress was a robot
  • managing to grab front row seats for Zombie Town, which was hilarious and awesome and will be written about later, but for now deserves props for a Buffy reference that went from possibly coincidental to subtle to blatant (one theory regarding the zombie outbreak was that the town was on a Hellmouth)
  • buying a poster for the art and a two-page comic for CCBSG2, who had really wanted to go but never made it
  • braving a ride with the worst BART train operator ever, who couldn't even stop at our station properly
  • striking up a conversation with the people behind us about striking up conversations with people on public transportation
  • showing lodessa the "Creative Writing" episode of My Name Is Earl for the hilarious Katamari reference
  • showing her an episode of Kitchen Confidential ("Rabbit Test," on jeeperstseepers's recommendation) since not enough people know about it
  • suggesting we watch another episode since A) she laughed more at it than she had at MNIE and B) we needed to watch one with John Cho
  • lending the DVDs to her since she appeared to enjoy the show
  • closing out the night with the Middleman episode "The Flying Fish Zombification"
  • stumbling upon a "relentlessly grim" horror movie on SyFy starring Thomas Dekker with his floppy emo hair
  • sleeping in on Sunday morning
  • showing lodessa Piedmont Avenue, another of my favorite avenues, which was also full of nail salons
  • having Chinese for lunch at Little Shin Shin to make up for the terrible Chinese we'd had the last time I'd visited
  • buying the out-of-towner local ice cream at Fenton's, which for the first time ever didn't have a line
  • showing lodessa my comic book store
  • discovering an Angel season four Wesley action figure with a scar on his neck and a closet to keep Justine in and for some reason Angel's soul that lodessa decided she had to get, if only to show LJ
  • Cute Comic Book Store Girl #1's looking at my chest for a couple seconds and then declaring, "Cool shirt"
  • not spoiling CCBSG1 about why the action figure was so great since she was only in season two
  • spending a few minutes in Spectator Books, a used bookstore
  • hugging lodessa upon her departure
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