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Kristen Bell Is Not the Bitch Who Took My Ride

My primary fandom, the one for which most of you have me friended, is Veronica Mars. And I feel I have been lax in my VM-related posting of late, not having responded to the new cast members or the CBS reruns or any of the other itty bitty things you've seen dozens of posts about on your flists. But it's the summer, and I'm not a compulsive poster, so that is the way of things. Since I'm already using up a post on the latest Battlestar Galactica, though, I figure I might as well respond to the Wank of the Moment, which deals with the fact that Kristen Bell eats puppies wants Duncan to be at the door, and thus she is a bitch. The actual arguments may be a little more nuanced than that, but honestly, cadhla debunks them verily. hobviously also has her say.

But seriously, you guys. The girl rescues puppies. She even did a bloody PSA to urge people to adopt their pets from shelters. Which gives me an excuse to pimp the charity project.

When she received what Seanan has dubbed the fan conspiracy pillow, she hugged wonderwilma and thanked her profusely. There were no cameras around, no press. This was just sincere gratitude.

A friend of persnicketiervm's told Kristen persnick's birthday was coming up soon. Kristen mailed persnick a signed photo as a birthday present.

I could go on and on, but the point is: our girl? Not a bitch.

But speaking of non sequiturs, I watched my very first episode of BSG on a Friday night!

And damn. The Centurions were fucking scary motherfuckers. They moved fast. They had claws. They had lots of firepower. They were practically invulnerable to bullets. And they could leap like whoa. We didn't even get to see a lot of them, but the special effects on this show kick ass.

Apparently they adjusted the population count in the credits, and shit, it's going way down next week. There were dead bodies everywhere. Christ. I mean, people die on shows all the time, and there's all this meaningless slaughter, and yeah. But every death on this show seems so much stronger and more of a loss considering how small the human population is. Both our heroes and the killer robots were blood-spattered. All the running down spaceship hallways gave the episode a very Alien feel.

The fact that Tigh had seen this plan of attack before was nifty.

Dualla's conditioned response to her rank was cool. And creepy.

I loved the "roll a hard six" callback and the fact that Apollo didn't know what it actually meant.

The shot with that final leaping Cylon and Apollo lunging out to blow its head off? Awesome. Unrelatedly, is it just me, or does Kat the nugget look like Maeby?

Apollo's gotten a lot more interesting now that he's mutinied and shit. I always liked his being torn between the President and his father, and it's kind of cool that he's kind of...lost at the moment. He doesn't really have an allegiance to anyone but himself. Yet, he still respects his father and his command. And wants Tigh to suck it. Hee.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch Caprica, Starbuck's chillin' at her old apartment and wondering what she has to fight for, to live for. Nice little scene. Anyone recognize the music? Is it some classical piano tune? I liked it. Also, the girl's an artist? Didn't see that coming. Kind of sad that she didn't seem to care about her paintings at all.

I was a little surprised to discover that in the future, they still drive ratty old four-wheeled vehicles. I wonder what Starbuck's original purpose in going back to her apartment was. She was looking for something. Was it just the cigars? I mean, I wouldn't put it past her, but I was just curious.

And finally, on Kobol, Adama's drowning babies that don't exist. And there are human skulls everywhere. Unless they're not actually there. Baltar's crazy and all. Not a lot of Baltar/Six action in this episode, unfortunately. But there was lots of killin' to make up for it.

Cally said "motherfracker"! Heee. I don't know why she's so adorable. She just is. But not walk-all-over-me adorable. And Tarn died for nothing, and Tyrol morphined his buddy into oblivion, and it's all very sad.

Last season, the Caprica storyline bugged me, and this season, the storylines are fractured into three. And sometimes, it's like, "Ah, some relief." And other times, it's like, "PEOPLE ARE DYING GET ME BACK TO GALACTICA GODDAMMIT." But at least I like at least one of the characters involved in the terran narratives. Terranatives! Okay no.

In conclusion, the killer robots would be cooler if they were killer ninja robots.
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