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Said Goodnight, Came Home, and Performed a Drum Solo

Tonight, on Adventures in Facebook:
Kristy: dear vampire weekend: the "h" in "horchata" is silent. that is all. xoxoxoxoxoxoxxx, kristy

Me: They don't give a fuck about the Oxford comma; why would they give a fuck about Spanish pronunciation?

Kristy: sunil, your music wittiness lights up my life. epic comment. thanks for the awesome!
Unrelatedly, I was watching an old episode of Psych last night, and when Ashley Williams showed up, I squealed, "BUTTERCUP!" She was so pretty and smiley that after the episode was over, I had to break out my How I Met Your Mother DVDs and pop in "Drumroll, Please," the episode where Ted meets Victoria. I completely understand Ted's wanting a perfect night never to be ruined. What if I had never attempted to contact the cute girl I met at the xkcd party and had just let it have been a great night? But I almost teared up at the end when she was so excited to see him and they kissed. I want that. One day, I want that.


AHAHAHAHAHA to the Bjork. Oh, show, if you keep doing hilarious things like this, I will love you a lot. That was brilliant.

You know who I already love a lot? JOHN CHO. I don't know why I think he's so good but he just is. He just has this undefinable JOHN CHO-ness. I'm glad he's getting a chance to show off his dramatic chops. I really really don't want him to die.

That Charlie is one adorable fucking kid, holy shit.

Mark is the Shakespeare of kitchen humor, har har! Well played, show. I'm not sure how much I actually like Mark. I mean, he's the Jack of the show, so I imagine fandom will get to hating him or something, but there's just...something about him. Like when he says he wants to pursue Mosaic for Demetri's sake and for everyone's, I don't believe him. I think he's too wrapped up in his own obsession with his own future to care about anyone else's. But I dig Eggbert.

The hot blonde terrorist looks like a poor man's Tricia Helfer.

That was a pretty awesome chase scene. With the running! And the jumping over shit!

This show is like a big thought experiment. What would you do if you knew your future? Any aspect of your future, however small, what if you knew it to be true? Truly believed that that is what the future held for you? It would have to turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy, wouldn't it? Ned had no fear of dying during surgery because he knew he was alive in the future. Mr. Pimp has prematurely gained the confidence he already knows he will have in the future. But then you have the flipside, the people are trying to avoid futures they would never have known about. I like Nicole's storyline, trying to atone for something you haven't done yet. What if she atones for something she never ends up doing? The causality loop involved here makes my brain hurt, and there are some interesting morals in play as well, just to make things more confusing.

What's driving everyone is the certainty. It's their belief in their flashforwards. Like I said, it's a thought experiment: if you could convince someone that six months from now, they would be rich, what would they do? Would they wait to win the lottery? Would they look at their investment portfolio and see what could be happening in six months? They might just become rich as a result of "knowing" they would become rich, except you were lying out your ass. Talk about the power of positive thinking. It's just such a seismic paradigm shift in the way people behave.

And at the end, we get our traditional OMGWTF. Sweet.


Wasn't there an episode last year that was just like this? There was the one with the butterflies where people were lucid dreaming, right? And wasn't there one where they investigated some sort of scientific facility and maybe the doctor was Indian there too? I was having some weird déjà vu.

I like that they're letting Olivia grieve. I feel like we don't see characters grieve a lot of the time.

This was more like a season one episode, which was okay, since it was interesting, and now we have something weird going on with Peter and his nightmares. Who was that guy in the mirror? Was that supposed to be a young Walter? WAIT HOLY SHIT THAT IS WHEN WALTER KIDNAPPED HIM ISN'T IT!!!


That was a really good episode! It started out really damn funny—"Still with the ham?" "We don't have a fridge!!" and, of course, Dean's hairy palm—and then unexpectedly played into the mytharc.

I love that this show will go to the wacky places like making things like "Your face will freeze that way" come true.

Jesse's mom was actually pretty cool. Swallowing rock salt?? SO BADASS!!

Choices! The Antichrist! Sam! Dean! Show! I don't know, it was really good. And I loved the bits about how parents lie to their children, both from the demon and the conversation at the end. It was something I'd never really thought about before, and it was presented in what I thought was an organic manner, which was welcome after that anvilicious monologue last week.

I didn't recognize the names of the writers, so they must be the obligatory freelancers. But they can stay. Oh, no, it looks like they wrote "Yellow Fever," "After School Special," and "Jump the Shark." So they actually have a pretty good track record!
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