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What Does Topher Have in Common with Emma Frost?

My Daredevil obsession continues, as I just bought a couple back issues—Annual #1 and "Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula"—because they weren't collected in trade and the resident DD fan recommended them to me. The cool part is he totally would have let me read them without buying them, but I wanted to have them for future re-reads.

The Office

I believe we could have done without the gratuitous vomiting and focus on Andy's scrotum—although that did lead to a cute Erin scene—but otherwise that was much better than "Phyllis's Wedding." That one was just too uncomfortable with the way Michael made it All About Him, and while there were shades of that here, it wasn't as bad. Especially because his painting was adorable. Oh my God. I almost want to buy it.

But even the painting could not compare to the adorableness of Jim and Pam! Jim's speech! Jim cutting his tie! Pam taking a mental picture! The boat! I had not even seen the referenced YouTube video, but the intercutting was perfect. Rae says it best:
What made the wedding most poignant for me? The looks Jim and Pam exchange as the others dance down the aisle. We've watched their relationship grow and change via looks exchanged across the office floor. It's only right their wedding should have the same flavor. Overlaying the secret wedding at the Falls with their raised eyebrows and smiles to each other? It's quintessential Jim and Pam. It's what made me fall in love with these two and why I was so happy for this fictional wedding. Everyone involved delivered the perfect wedding this show (and its fans) deserved. I can’t wait to go watch it again (and again).
Oh, Jim and Pam. They are truly the Jim and Pam of our time.


Dude, that was sort of totally awesome. Well played, Tim Minear. Way to give us a great episode right as the show's in danger of imminent cancellation (although, goodness gracious, the ratings in the key demo did go up instead of down this week, thankfully).

Adelle is being written interestingly this season. She's more clearly less evil, and she's more concerned about the Rossum Corporation. She doesn't so much care about minor legal infractions, but she does care about letting a serial killer loose.

"Topher has ethical issues. Topher." Haaaaa ha ha ha. Oh, Boyd.

I'm glad the show acknowledged the ickiness of Echo's engagement and Paul was really uncomfortable—though he didn't seem that uncomfortable (not) listening to her have sex with Jamie Bamber. Sidenote: how much does this skeevy professor make that he can afford to hire an Active??

Enver Gjokaj is amazing. He is so unbelievably good I can't believe it. It's redundant but true. This is the perfect role for him. Every time, I expect for the inevitable disappointment to come, but every time, he nails it. Every time, it is as if he has been transformed into someone else. How does he do that? With his voice?

The imprintswitch was sweet, except it meant that Eliza goddamn Dushku had to play the serial killer instead. She made a valiant effort, but to no avail. You can't follow Enver. Especially because he's off being a hilarious Kiki. I didn't pick up on it before, but there are indeed shades of "Epitaph One" here. As Topher manages to do more and more remotely, it's only a matter of time before something even worse than this happens. I actually wondered whether the imprint was jumping to the captive women at the end; that blonde chick seemed pretty murderous. But that's what being paralyzed by a serial killer will do, I suppose.

(How fucking creepy was that teaser, seriously.)


Joshua Malina!! I either forgot or didn't know. Awesome.

Ha, Ken Tucker shout-out!

Goth Larisa Oleynik should get together with goth Jewel Staite from Dead Like Me and...uh...yeah.

This was a pretty ridiculous and preposterous mystery, I must say. I mean, I know the cases on Psych are pretty out there, but this one stretched believability even for me.

But it had goth Larisa Oleynik, so we're good.
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