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Matt Murdock Is Refusing to Leave His Home While He Wallows in Self-Pity

My paternal grandfather turned 89 today. 89! And he smokes and drinks and everything. Sure, he got some colon cancer a few years ago, but he's better now. Let's hope I got his genes.

In other family news, I love my little brother! I posted a link on Facebook to The Manga Guide to Molecular Biology, saying, "Someone please buy me this book. Come on, you know you missed my birthday."

An hour or so later, I got a message from my little brother:
Someone please
receive this book that I just ordered you plus a surprise filler - I am not cool enough for Prime. I wouldn't have said anything because I like Surprises but I know how popular you are, and I don't want you to end up with like thirty copies of this book.
Aw. Hee. Yay!


That was a very creepy opening. Damn you, children's games!

So this is looking more and more like a self-fulfilling closed time loop, but I am interested to know how strongly they'll hold to that. I really love the global scope of the concept even though I know that it won't be explored nearly enough to my satisfaction. I love that the entire world has a shared experience and everyone's sense of living has changed in an instant, now that every person on the planet has a glimpse of his or her future.

And speaking of glimpses into the future and, say, ten minutes ago on a television show...I haven't seen this many gratuitous flashbacks since Tru Calling. Christ on a stick, we fucking know who Lloyd fucking Simcoe is. We know that Mark is afraid of hitting the drink again. Don't keep writing episodes like we haven't seen the last one! It's annoying! Also, stop writing terribly repetitive expository dialogue. We can follow simple logic trails. Hell, the one time you could have been more anvilicious, I completely missed the point until the anvil came later on (I didn't understand why Demetri was so upset about Keegan's death at first).

Burn, friendship bracelet, burn! That'll change the future, for sure.

Last week, I was hoping that maybe there would be some running gag where every episode, John Cho ALMOST dies. And every episode he exclaims, "Yeah! I'm not gonna die!" But it looks like instead they're going with the OMG YOU WILL BE MURDERED route. And somehow it's a matter of national security that involves Oscar nominee and Emmy winner Shohreh Aghdashloo.

Janis is cute! I like her. Especially now that I know her name. Thanks for typing it out on a screen, show.

I don't think we needed to know that much about that dude's MEETING. But it's good to know the show has a sense of humor.

Why has no one insinuated that D. Gibbons is in fact Dave Gibbons? COME ON. IT'S RIGHT THERE. IT IS THE GEEKY ELEPHANT IN THE COMIC BOOK ROOM.

Also, John Cho, are you really surprised that someone else is trying to figure out what caused the blackout? That should not be a surprise.

Also, John Cho, you should totally hit that. Except you're engaged. So...never mind. But otherwise yeah.

I like shows that make me say, "What the fuck??" at the end! How the hell does Charlie know about D. Gibbons??


How do you stop an exploding man? You don't.

How do you stop an exploding woman? Oh, that one you can do.

That was more like it, Fringe. Cool idea, pilot continuity, nice Astrid scenes, transdimensional headaches, miraculous recoveries, and THE OBSERVER, like ten seconds after I thought, "Wait, is the Observer still popping up in every episode this season?"


The voice is telling him he's almost out of minutes! He'll just...wait there! Oh, Castiel.

Post-apocalyptic time travel episode! Two great tastes that taste great together! Even though 2014 Dean doesn't remember doing this as 2009 Dean, most probably because that future doesn't happen, and 2014 Dean's 2009 Dean never did that. But even if that future doesn't happen, "Croatoan" was one of my favorite episodes, so good times!

I wonder how people outside fandom respond to Castiel/Misha Collins. Because I feel like fandom annoyance rubs off on me sometimes, even though I have liked the character from the beginning.

Sam! Er, Sam-shaped Lucifer! That was a very strange scene because he really seemed like someone completely different, and not just a devilish version of Sam.

Although I did half-expect a reveal that Sam at the end was a devilish version of Sam, which would have been TERRIBLE and NONSENSICAL but awesome. But this isn't Smallville.
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