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I Love You but I've Chosen Sadness

This is my life.

I can't choose among all my poetically miserable pre-cut bits, so I guess I will refrain. I wish I weren't this neurotic. I wish I could actually believe that something good lies ahead. Oh, whoops, that's not refraining.


America's favorite serial killer is back! And with baby in tow.

The sleepy credits were cute.

And speaking of credits, that fucking asshole Quinn is a regular now. The only good thing about him is his proximity to cute reporters.

Angel/LaGuerta? Really? She's his BOSS. This will not end well. I don't like it.

John Lithgow is creepy. Although the hot shower was weird.

You know, it's weird how Dexter's Kill of the Week is usually just some random guy who is not important to the overall plot, it's the sort of procedural plot that's expected in each episode, and yet I am never ever bored by it, unlike Echo's engagements. Every time, it's still somehow compelling.

Adrienne Barbeau is one hot sexuagenarian.

Car crash! Is the body still in the trunk? This does not look good for Homestar Runner.


E, stop potentially catching diseases and go after Kate Mara. She's pretty!

I used to really hate Turtle, but I've really liked him with Jamie. He doesn't know who he is without her! Aw.

I marvel that none of the women Vince have sex with mind that he talks on the phone. And I wonder why Vince bothers to have sex when he's so blasé about it.

Ari was pretty great this episode.


How I Met Your Mother

The doppelgangers were amusing, and Marshall's elaborate fantasy was amusing, and Robin's reaction to strip clubs was confusing.

But the reason I loved this episode was the main plot, which was wonderfully clever and insightful. And freaky in its continuing confirmation that I am Ted. If I ever went on a date, that's what would happen. I would find a typo in the menu, I would make a bad joke, I would be annoyed if she didn't do the check dance. I would definitely give her my jacket, though.

And the conclusion Ted comes to is one I came to as well. Shouldn't I wait for someone who likes me for who I am? And not for who I am when I'm trying to hide any aspects of me she might not like? Seriously, I am not going to stop finding typos in menus. I will be less douche-y about it than Ted, though. But then again, maybe minor flaws oughtn't be dealbreakers so early. Maybe if Ted and Jen went out again, they would move past tolerating each other's flaws and instead find them endearing.

Anyway, I hope I find my Shellfish Lady.
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