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A Crush to Pass the Time

Sometimes it's a good thing you don't write a supremely angsty second-person post, the kind you used to kill in college. Sometimes you're better off not immortalizing your usual fears and doubts and paranoia. Sometimes you're glad you didn't give in too heartily to that negativity, deciding that being poetically miserable wasn't worth it. Sometimes your fears and doubts and paranoia are warranted. Sometimes she hates coffee or Simpsons references or e-mail or you.

And sometimes she doesn't.

Here's to drinks or dinner, maybe next week.

The Office

Now that's more like it! After last week's terribly uncomfortable, not that funny episode, it was good to have an episode that made me laugh a lot. Dwight and Toby as detectives was fun stuff, and Pam's quest for RSVPs was very old-school entertaining, mining humor out of the mundane. And having Jim and Michael as co-managers (with Dwight SCREEEEEEAMING inside) is going to be great! Oh, show.


Well, that was certainly better than the last premiere, eh?

I don't like Adelle's new hair! Long was way sexier. But I find it interesting that she believes that the Dollhouse helps with "important research." She...clearly hasn't seen "Epitaph One."

Jamie Bamber being British! Alexis Denisof being American! What a crazy world we live in.

I still continue not to give much of a flip about Echo, and I was really confused by her the first half of the episode. Because I had heard that Echo was going to be remembering her old personalities—and I just rewatched "Epitaph One" a couple days ago—so in that scene with her and Paul after the wedding night, I thought that was Caroline. Probably because Eliza was acting just like Caroline. And I thought they were going to have Caroline in control of her imprints now to get around the rampant rape, but no, I misunderstood that scene entirely. That could have been a neat twist if it were clearer and Eliza weren't acting exactly like Caroline. That being said, I thought she was pretty good at switching from role to role in the scene at the end—which at first I thought, "What the fuck, show, let's have this dude beat on a woman, as if you don't get enough flak for gender issues already," but then I saw what his game was, and I am a fan of provoking superpeople into going postal (eg, throwing Bruce Banner out of an airplane to force him to Hulk out).

There was very little Victor and Sierra, but they stole any scenes they were in. Although I loved Ivy's reaction to Sierra's disturbing come-on.

But the real star of this episode was Amy fucking Acker, with co-star Fran fucking Kranz. With Whiskey/Saunders, the Amazing Self-Aware Doll, this show is actually asking the questions and exploring the issues I have been wanting it to ask and explore from the beginning. How different is an artificially composited personality from the personality that we composite ourselves? Like Boyd says, we're not all well put together either. What does it take to distinguish a person from a Roomba? How do you deal with being a person if your personality was constructed by someone else? How much of what you think and believe is programmed into you and how much is the real you? Back when we learned that Mellie was a Doll, I posited the question, "What if Mellie wanted to stay Mellie forever, not give up her body to the original personality?" AND NOW THEY ARE TOTALLY DOING THAT STORYLINE. Despite being an artificial construct, Saunders considers herself a person, and to revert to her original personality would be, in essence, to die. She doesn't even know whether any of the original personality is in her. She could just be occupying a body that belongs to someone else. This is where clones could really come in handy.

And Topher!! I was one of those guys who liked Topher last season, and now I feel validated because he is way more interesting and complicated now. I love how fragile he is, even though he's a supergenius. I am interested to know the mind of the man who literally plays God, who creates these people out of fuzzy shapes and sinusoidal waves. Especially after "Epitaph One."


Kenan Thompson, you are not on SNL. Tone it the fuck down.

Jaleel White, your voice is really high.

A cappella theme song!


Gus always falls for the culprit! At least this time she was not the actual murderer. Speaking of, wait, what the fuck, what about the actual killers?? I assume she'll give them up.

Oh, musical encryption codes.

Jules and Lassie were weirdly antagonistic this week. I wonder if that's going to continue.

Psych doesn't require thinky-thoughts; it's just entertaining.

(Next week: Alex Mack!!)
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