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Who Needs Non-Supernatural Drama? Really.

Tonight, on Adventures in Facebook (This just in!):
Diane Ruggiero is working on an outline for a scary show and there's a giant freakin crow on my window sill. It's either some sort of demon bird, or it's hurt and I'm going to wind up feeding it wet milk bread with an eye-dropper. Either way, can't a girl just write an outline?

Me: Nevermore.

Diane Ruggiero: I love you, Sunil. Love.

Me: Once upon a Wednesday dreary, while Di pondered weak and weary,
Over an outline for a scary show in which bloody men kill,
While she nodded, hemming, hawing, suddenly there came a cawing,
As of someone gently gnawing, gnawing on her window sill.
"'Tis some visitor," she muttered, "gnawing on my window sill
If it's hurt, I'll feed it swill."

Someone I Don't Know: I don't know you, Sunil, but will you marry me?

Me: Any woman who appreciates a Poe parody would make a fine wife.

Diane Ruggiero: with crow parody
he wins her love and acclaim
til my sweet haiku

Diane Ruggiero: [Someone I Don't Know], he's a lady killer. Tread lightly.
So...I've got that going for me.


Whee! New show! And it has, like, everyone in it. Joseph Fiennes! Sonya Walger! John Cho! Jack Davenport! Seth MacFarlane! Alex Kingston! Genevieve Cortese! Some cute brunettes!

They really are trying to be the next Lost, aren't they? The opening sequence (and its continuation) was veeeerry reminiscent of the Lost pilot, down to the explosion that startles the lead white male authority figure. Plus OMGWTFKANGAROO. And the Oceanic Airlines billboard.

I love the premise, though, especially the detail that a global blackout would cause global catastrophe due to all the possible things one could be doing that a loss of consciousness could affect quite adversely. And I really like the shared "What did you see?" the world has now, that everyone has had this common experience. And I like that some people saw important things (and by important I mean contrived because come on) and some people saw mundane things. Also, why was that woman getting a sonogram at 10:00 at night? Unless she was in Europe at the time (I loved the "Did you see what I saw?" London scene; that was cool).

I was spoiled for the John Cho reveal, but, man, he still killed me with "Six months from now, I'm going to be dead." That's just...that's just a horrible thing to have to say out loud. Don't lose hope! Maybe you're just IN A CAVE or something.

Even though it was a little heavy-handed and dramatic, I actually find myself somewhat invested in wossname and Olivia's marriage! (I can only remember Olivia's name because that makes two Olivias on Thursday. Oh, and Bryce because Bryce is an unusual name.) And wossname is fighting his FUTURE DRINKING RELAPSE. And Olivia is fighting her FUTURE AFFAIR WITH STEVE. And that one guy WANTS RUBY TO BE ALIVE FOR SOME REASON. It opens up so many interesting questions since everyone caught a glimpse of his or her own personal future. Just a glimpse. Who knows what that glimpse really means? Maybe it's out of context. Should you change your whole life based on something you don't fully understand? Will wearing a friendship bracelet bring you one step closer to the future or is it just an artifact of the process of forward motion?

Anyway, I was waiting at the end for the big punch, the surprise they kept out of all the publicity, and eeeeeeee, that was creepy and cool. I knew what was coming when she said she was looking at all the security footage, but it was still creepy and cool. I'm in. Let's do this.


After last week's awesome episode, this one was a little slow and didn't hold my attention as much. The MOTW had its moments—the idea of the scorpion superbaby was nice and the actual superbaby was creepy as hell—but was mostly the sort of XF-lite that I thought we'd moved past.

But now Olivia has superhearing for some reason! Huh. And it turns on at inopportune times.

Evil Charlie is evil! I forgot to mention that I LOVE THE MAGIC MIRROR TYPEWRITER THING. That is so fucking cool, even if it makes the soldier look like a fucking moron. Seriously, he has to ask for orders like every five seconds? He can't think for himself at all? He's one of those soldiers, then. But why was he all uncomfortable? He didn't seem to have any problem doing untoward things to Olivia before.


Hey, all the black dudes survived the episode, and the woman made it out alive! What do you know.

Oh, Sam. Sam, Sam, Sam. Keith Samuel Guiltchester. I love that they went such a fucked-up route with those hunters forcefeeding Sam demon blood. And Lucifer! Like five seconds after I thought, "Huh, we all figured that Lucifer was going to use Sam as a vessel, but instead they're doing this other thing," we learn that...yep, Sam is supposed to be Lucifer's vessel. And Dean is Michael's vessel. And they're both going to be possessed and FIGHT EACH OTHER TO THE DEATH FOR HUMANITY AND/OR GREAT JUSTICE.

As for Dean, I want to punch him in the face for claiming to have more fun with Castiel than with Sam. Fuck you, Dean. Coining the phrase "Teenage Mutant Ninja Angel" and quipping, "Eat it, Twilight!" do not make up for that bullshit! Go back to looking longingly at the empty passenger seat, punk. But Dean and Castiel's Bogus Journey was actually fairly amusing. I love how terrible Castiel is at being insincere, although I recall that he was quite the lying liar who lied last season, wasn't he? Or was he just a lying liar who left important information out?

Sam is really good at darts.
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