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My Love Won't Look Me in the Eye, It Makes Me Want to Cry

I caught the last half hour of Fight Club on G4. God, I love that movie.


Fringe!! Oh man, how cool is this show? I don't remember what happened in the finale now. Was Olivia driving in her jeep and she got abducted or something? I thought she went to a building and took a magic elevator. Was there an accident I don't remember? Regardless, the scene where she appears out of nowhere and flies out the windshield was awesome.

I guess this Agent Jessup is going to be a recurring character? I wonder what her deal is. Who gave her the password to get into the Fringe Division files? And what was she doing at the end with the Bible quotes? I expected the book to be the ZFT.

What happened to Olivia in the alternate universe? What did William Bell tell her? What's hidden? Why can't she remember? Besides the plot contrivance?

You can't shut down Fringe Division! That's lame! But I love how Peter very succinctly described a key problem with the first season: they seriously did just wait around for shit to happen and then clean it up. Granted, they totally did save a lot of lives, so he was wrong on that point, but I am very excited about his resolve to make Fringe Division more proactive. Now that they know what's out there, they should be out there trying to fucking stop it, not just sitting there until something weird happens.

Ew, Sharpe and Broyles? I know it was implied they had a History, but not like that. I wonder if she has bionic lips.

And, finally: noooooooooooooooo!! You can't just kill Charlie like that! He's so great! He and Olivia are so great together! I mean, this explains the whole Kirk Avecedo "THEY DONE FIRED YER BOY!" fiasco of yore, but it is still bad! Especially because J.J. Abrams clearly has his sights on Aaron Sorkin's title for King of Recycled Plot Points.


The Office

The premiere was sadly disappointing. I loved Jim and Pam, and Andy was pretty amusing, but everything else was kind of terrible. Michael was awful, and I am one of those people who likes Michael in his more endearing moments, of which this was not one. And Stanley is having an affair? Come on, Stanley! Ergh. I liked the interns, though.


Castiel has read Preacher! Have fun finding God! I am really glad that the marks do mean that Castiel can't find Sam and Dean either because I was wondering whether they would work with that or handwave it the way they give Castiel kung fu angel-killing action but no healing powers. I also loved Castiel's big tirade against Dean.

Ellen! Jo! Rufus! Only Ellen really had much of anything to do, but it was nice to see them all again. Maybe next time Jo can have more than two lines.

War! Last year, Two years ago, they used up the Seven Deadly Sins in one episode, so I hope we get to see the other three Horsemen, then. I really liked the way the episode was set up so that we thought it was demons, and then we were really confused by Jo and Rufus, and then it all made sense. Unless you read the episode description, which spoiled the twist.

I was glad that Sam felt bad about killing those teenagers, but I wonder how bad he feels now that they weren't even demons. That guy feels bad about a lot of things.

Sam and Dean are spending some time apart?? ARE THEY SEEING OTHER BROTHERS? Will the latter half of the season consist of Sam constantly yelling, "We were on a break!"?
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