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T-Rex When You Only See One Set of Footprints in the Sand, It Was I, BATMAN, That Carried You

I am a guy who really likes Batman.

And now I can see all my Batman comics because I FINALLY BOUGHT BOOKSHELVES AFTER HAVING LIVED HERE FOR THREE FUCKING YEARS. All my graphic novels look so pretty! And all my books, my precious books, overflowing in another bookshelf in my bedroom. I did some unpacking and tidying up this weekend, and my place looks so much nicer! I feel better about living here, even though my landlord wouldn't reduce my rent at all (and, in fact, is raising it, just belatedly). My books keep me sane. (Also, who knew I already owned Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead? This is what happens when your books live in boxes. It's a good thing I didn't buy it again.)

Speaking of books, seanan_mcguire's debut novel, Rosemary and Rue comes out today, so head to your local bookstore or online retailer and pick it up! If my review is not enough to convince you, fear not, actoplasm has posted an interview with the author over at BookBanter. Get an inside look at Toby Daye and the writing process from Seanan McGuire herself. (And tune in in two weeks when Alex interviews Mike Carey. Mike Carey, you guys!)

If you are in the Bay Area, consider attending one of the fabulous release parties. I'll be at Borderlands on Saturday!

Speaking of releases, remember that time I posted about The Guild and some of you actually got hooked on the series? Season 3 premieres today! MSN also has the first two seasons up if you're not caught up, and catching up is recommended since the third season picks up after the fallout from the season two finale. Get ready for a season of Wil Wheaton terrorizing our favorite guild!

In conclusion, happy birthday, mrbroom!
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