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Comic-Con 2009, Day 3: Friday Is Felicia Day

Friday is a big day for my three compatriots, as the Farscape panel in the morning is their can't-miss panel. Unfortunately, it is at the same time as the Guild panel, which is my can't-miss panel. I am woken up at 6, as they are taking precautions to make sure they get a spot in line. The first express trolley is at 8:25, so they—and then I—have to take the Green Line to the Blue Line to the Orange Line. Irritatingly, I end up getting to the convention center at 8:45, which is when I would have gotten there had I just waited until 8:25. I left too late to make the non-express trolleys worth it.

I walk very swiftly, disheartened by Mini's report that there is a huge-ass line for the Guild already. It's in Room 5AB, which is pretty small; the 'Scapers get a much larger room, and miniglik and gymble and Mr. Gymble get in there with no problems.

Again, I have no time to appreciate costumes, like a whole group of DCU characters:

I also pass by someone dressed as Haruhi, so I have to quickly tap her and show her that I'm reading the first light novel.

The lobby is very full, and the corridors are confusing to naviate. I end up going all around the freaking floor to get to the line for 5AB...which is not very long at all! This is very confusing. Seriously, it's even smaller than the Middleman line. What I discover in just a few minutes is that all the people in the lobby were erroneously told that they were in the Guild line, which is why Mini thought the Guild line was nuts. And then they are told the truth, and dozens of people line up behind me. I feel bad for them, but not bad enough to go to the end of the new line. I stake out my little spot until Dahlia arrives to join me. It's the first time I've seen her since L.A. last year, and it's always nice to see her. Dahlia is one of those people who actually calls me on the phone sometimes just to talk and catch up.

We manage to snag seats about six rows from the front. I see afrocurl on the other side and a few rows ahead. Dahlia pulls out her Starbucks breakfast, a fruit and cheese plate. She shares some with me, and it is good to have real food. My breakfast was a lemon zest Luna bar. That is what I have been subsisting on during the day: energy bars. It's been working pretty well, actually; I was glad I bought more than I thought I needed. Behind us are a couple guys who actually did make the Bryan Lee O'Malley panel, so I ask them what I missed.

As we are waiting for the panel, something interesting happens. Dahlia points it out to me.

In walks Joss Whedon.

Nonchalantly, nondescriptly, Joss goddamn Whedon just walks in and takes a seat in the front row. No one else seems to notice. He is not suddenly mobbed. Dahlia and I remark that he is looking rather svelte, so maybe he's less recognizable. But for the first time in my life, I am in the same room as Joss Whedon.

I point out to Dahlia that Stupid Tall Hot Girl is in attendance.

When it is time for the panel to start, Kim Evey walks out in the shirt I bought yesterday.

She introduces our special Comic-Con treat, which turns out to be a hilariously awesome music video called "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar." A while ago, Felicia asked on Twitter/Facebook for suggestions on awesomely cheesy one-hit wonders like "Baby Got Back" and "Pump the Jam" and whatnot. It turns out she was writing one of her own! It's a totally cheesy pop song that even features the obligatory rap breakdown in the middle, courtesy of Jeff Lewis and Sandeep Parikh. It also features Felicia Day writhing in a rain of gold coins. Best of all, everyone is in costume as their characters.

And then the cast of The Guild enters IN COSTUME! Sadly, I cannot get a good picture of them. My notes proclaim that they then "say stuff." Oh, here is some of that stuff. Felicia says that she asked Jed Whedon to direct the video after he reworked her chorus into something magical. Maurissa helped as well. Sean Becker, director, introduces some other Guild folk in the audience, like the aforementioned Stupid Tall Hot Girl and Terry Caso. He asks people who helped with the show to stand and thanks everyone. Then asks if we want to see a "sneak preek" of season three. How about the entire first episode of season three? Sweet!

The third season begins in the aftermath of the events of the S2 finale, and it's great. But at the end there is a lot of gasping and cheering at some guy who shows up, and I don't get it until Dahlia informs me that it's Wil Wheaton. Oh! I have no idea what he looks like since my mental image of him is wee Wil Wheaton.

"We really wanted Wil Wheaton to be here," says Kim sadly. "So he is here!" Oh, panels are so much fun.

They open up the Q&A, and being six rows back has its advantage, since I am right next to the microphone. I am first in line, and I am all shaky and nervous and my heart is racing. Microphones are scary!

"Was it a conscious decision to have such an ethnically diverse cast?" I ask. "Because I think the Guild cast is more representative of the real world than, say, anything on network television."

Felicia says that in the gaming world, you can't see each other, so you can't judge based on skin color, which is how it should be. So she wanted to represent that world. And she wrote for her friends, who happen to be of different ethnicities.

"I became Indian for this role," says Sandeep.

"You're doing a terrific job being Indian," I tell him.

One person asks how their lives differ now that they've become known for the Guild from before, which gets translated by the cast into "What was it like when we were losers?" Sandeep feels weird. Jeff has gotten recognized at the Tucson airport. Amy enjoyed riding the party bus with the stripper pole to Comic-Con. Wil is happy that his talented friends are getting the recognition they deserve. Felicia thinks celebrity culture is gross.

Dahlia remarks that Felicia Day is not very good at answering the question that was asked. But she's adorable, so I forgive her.

There's a big Vork fan who yells, "Go Vork!" a lot. He draws a sketch of Codex to give to Felicia, who notes that his drawing has bigger boobs than she does. As he is up by the panelists, he keeps talking to her and commenting to Jeff, and it's one of those awkward "Uh, sir, please move along" moments.

Another awkward moment: a guy in a Racebending shirt offers Felicia an Aang Ain't White shirt (since she mentioned not having a huge wardrobe and being seen in the same clothes at different conventions), and then he also asks a question. I forget what the question is, but Felicia attempts to answer it as best she can until she just says, "And you're not even listening." And he isn't! He's just sort of standing there, looking around and not paying attention to her, waiting for her to stop talking or something. So she does.

Apparently Felicia promised a certain number of surprises at the panel, and one of them is that there's going to be a Guild comic written by Felicia Day! I may actually buy those issues!

Someone asks Felicia why Twitter and such is so important, and she says she loves social networking sites and signs up for every new one. And Wil Wheaton goes on this highfalutin' monologue about being an early adopter of Twitter and how annoyed he was when Twitter went mainstream and CNN started using it and THAT'S NOT WHAT TWITTER IS FOR YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND and he's so proud that people have managed to keep using Twitter the way it was meant to be used in the face of it all and gah. I know Wil Wheaton is supposed to be this esteemed blogger, but I roll my eyes at that business. Whatever, Twitter. You are not the savior of mankind. And take your Secret Twitter Cabal to Iran and tell them they're not allowed to use Twitter because that's not what it's for.

At the end, there is some World of Warcraft talk, and we learn that Jeff Lewis is leveling up his wife so they can be married in-game...by Felicia! Aw. He makes a joke about Sandeep's level; he's not high enough to be his best man.

The Guild panel is a lot of fun overall; it's cool to see the cast in person and in costume. And the room is packed, standing room-only.

When it is over, Dahlia and I hop on over to the front row. Dahlia knows Joss's assistant and wants to say hi. afrocurl is chatting up Joss and says she'll see him later that afternoon (at the Dollhouse panel).

Dahlia talks to Joss's assistant, and I stand beside her. Joss Whedon is in his seat, a yard from me. I do not address him. I cannot address him. This is not the time or place to fanboy. If I am introduced, I will speak, but otherwise, I stand there, unable to say anything, afraid of making a fool out of myself. He has the look of a man who wants to leave, anyway. He came to support Felicia and The Guild, and now he had other places to be. I appreciated that no one called attention to him, as that would have taken the spotlight off the real stars.

We follow Joss and his assistant out the door as she leads him to his next location. I do not say anything. Joss! Right there! And I don't say a word. I really hope my ticket is drawn for the Dr. Horrible signing, or I will have just missed my chance.

It is 11:30. My schedule called for possibly going to the Flash Forward panel, but I am pretty resigned to skipping it. Instead, I leave Dahlia and head to the Viper Booth, where Javi and Les McClaine (artist of the Middleman comic) are supposed to be signing. I figure I might as well get the artist to sign my comics too and get the complete set. To my surprise, Natalie Morales and Brit Morgan are also there!

And then appearing behind me...Seanan! I give her a hug and ask how her panel went. Amusingly, she has no idea what Javi looks like, so I point him out to her. On the other hand, I have no idea what Les looks like, so I wait for confirmation that the man I don't recognize is, in fact, Les before I ask him to sign my comics.

And then I want a picture, of course.

This is a great picture, but you know what makes it better? Javi asks for one with his camera too. He wants a picture with me awww.

"I have a request!" I declare. There is a line in the comics that I really loved and wished it had made its way onto the show so I could hear Natalie deliver it. I find it and ask if she can read it as Wendy. Javi sets her up with the Middleman's line before.

I present to you a POLTER-COW EXCLUSIVE: Javi and Natalie read panels from the Middleman comic. In truth, Natalie's reading is not what I imagined in my head, but I didn't give her much warning before springing it on her. It's still fun to listen to! Oh, Wendy Watson.

"Now pay the nice lady," says Seanan. "That's what you do after taking advantage of her."

I run through the floor getting more tickets from Dark Horse and picking up something from the Wondermark booth for stephl. On the way, I encounter this girl:

I also encounter these dudes by the Marvel booth:

Who's that guy on the right? Oh, you may not be able to see. Here you go:

I go back to Room 5AB to get in line for the Attack of the Show panel at 1:30...except it is ricockulous. The room is already full, and hundreds of people still want in. My Middleman fun cost me my seat in the room I was already in. I am disappointed, as it's a panel I really wanted to get into, but in order to do so, I would have had to sit through two panels in Room 5AB. I am already getting used to missing things, so I roll with the punches. I call my pal Frank from yesterday and warn him that there's no hope so he should make other plans. He thanks me for the heads up.

(I see Gene Simmons walking down the hall. He and his son are mobbed by photographers. I think he's on his way to a panel. So, yeah, if you think Gene Simmons is cool, I totally saw him.)

Lemons into lemonade: I head directly to Ballroom 20. I am going to make damn sure I get into the Dollhouse panel at 4. Take note that is now about noon. This is how Comic-Con works, folks.

The line for Ballroom 20 is even more ricockulous. It comes back inside and takes over the hallway. I follow it, looking for the end...and then I see EpicTangent! She's wearing a Gothic Charm School shirt. I hop into line with her. This is how Comic-Con works, folks.

What follows is not how Comic-Con works, folks, unless you're me: within a couple minutes of hooking up with EpicTangent, I see Dahlia coming our way! She joins us in line. I may or may not make introductions. Then we pass tibicina! Then afrocurl waves to me from a spot so ahead in the line that it has curved back around. And then I literally run into Zubin, who made it into Comic-Con after all. Either Ballroom 20 or I am a People I Know Magnet.

ET and Dahlia and I experience the true nature of Comic-Con, which is Waiting in Line-Con. We chat about things I do not remember, but I know it was fun because waiting in line with friends is part of the fun. Plus, we have many costumes to admire.

I admire these kids' dedication to anime hair.

I admire these dudes' dedication to being father and son. (I don't actually know whether they were really father and son, but wouldn't that be awesome?)

This is the tent for the Ballroom 20 line. It took us a while to even get this far from when we started.

And we still have to go down all that way through zig-zaggy tents. And then all the way back that same distance inside. It's an epic line, you guys. I have yet to see the Hall H line, but it is even more epic than this.

Inside, we welcome the air-conditioning. And the entertaining interviews taking place.

I don't know why she's wearing bunny ears, but she looks really cute when she laughs.

From what we can hear, it seems these two actually met at a con. And of course these are the people that are always being interviewed. No one interviews us folk in regular clothing. And thus the impression that everyone who attends Comic-Con is a weirdo freak perpetuates itself!

Uh, speaking of weirdo freaks.

We decide that Jack is scarier than Jason.

Dahlia hangs with us long enough to finally give up on getting into the Big Bang Theory panel (we have already waited through the Caprica/The Plan panel) and goes out for some lunch.

At around 2, after two hours of waiting in line, EpicTangent and I get into Ballroom 20!

We have to sit through the 24 panel. I've never seen an episode of 24, but the panel is still moderately entertaining.

Someone yells to Mary Lynn Rajskub, "You rock!" She leans over and answers, "Yes, go on. And?" It was cute.

(Less cute was the awkward question about the possibility of Donald Sutherland being on the show. I assume he and Kiefer are, how you say, estranged? He is all, "He's been in over a hundred movies, you can see him there.")

Katee Sackhoff looks nice. And next to her is, yes, Freddie Prinze, Jr. He talks about being a fan of the show before being asked to be on it.

"I was sitting with my wife watching season one—" Cheers erupt: "Wooooo!!!"

David Fury comments, "I know her!"

Freddie says, "Oh yeah, I forgot she's big here." It's really amusing. Yes, she's big here. Bigger than you, I'm afraid.

What the shit, Anil Kapoor has randomly joined the show! The things Slumdog Millionaire will do for your career. As you can see, he is just as much a spaz as he was on the Golden Globes, grabbing Freddie's microphone and leaning over him to ask the producers why they chose him to be on the show (in response to being asked why he joined the show).

After the 24 panel, I try to scope out a better seat closer to the stage. Epic opts to stay where she is, and I manage to find a seat many rows up for the Bones panel. I have also never seen an episode of Bones, but it is moderately entertaining nonetheless. Sadly, David Boreanaz is absent since his wife is due soon, but he has recorded a long, rambly message to the fans.

He goes on forever until, finally, he notices that the director is telling him to wrap it up, so he does. Oh, Boreanaz.

"That is David Boreanaz unedited," says Hart Hanson, sitting next to the lovely Emily Deschanel.

Emily is very entertaining and cute. I like her. She throws Hershey's Kisses into the audience. And when she feels that she's only playing to one side of the audience, she changes seats.

After the Bones panel, I need to coordinate with mutinousmuse. I have saved a seat for her.

But my phone is frozen. No. No. No, no, no, not now, what the hell, I dropped it a few minutes ago, but it was just working. I press buttons to no avail. I can't even switch it off. It doesn't respond. I have to take the battery out.

But I don't remember how! It's been over a year since I've had to open it. I can't figure out how to open the back. I ask the people in the row behind me if anyone of them have a RAZR. They don't. Finally, I figure it out, and when I turn my phone back on, it's working.

By that time, however, Musey has somehow found me on her own! So that works out. We hug, not having seen each other since September 2007.

Out comes Joss! I am now in the same room with Joss goddamn Whedon again! A slightly larger room, this time.

He is Joss. He acts Jossy.

She is Eliza. She acts Eliza-y.

Joss does his thing, and then we watch "Epitaph One," which is so WTF-y and guest stars Felicia Day. By now, you have seen it, surely, and if you have not, you should get on it, as it's pretty cool. It was hard to follow because my mind was being blown in so many different directions. I need to watch it again. It was cool to watch it on the big screen!

Then they take questions, and I'm sure you've read enough write-ups of this panel already. It's my first Joss panel, and he's entertaining, as Joss is. So instead, I'll just hit the highlights.

Early on, Eliza mentions that she's doing some movies. Later, a cute little girl who sounds, like, eight, says, "This question is for Echo. You said you're going to be on other shows, so will you still be on Dollhouse?" It's adorable. Eliza doesn't understand at first, but then she clarifies about the movies. She will still be on the show.

Eliza says she's Twittered a couple of her friends, who are stopping by...and wouldn't you know it, SURPRISE PANELIST ALERT!

Someone asks about Joss's creative process for the show. Dichen mentions a dart board. Ah, yes the dart board. There's a dart board that has things like "I'm killed," "I'm wiped," "I'm an Active," and such on it. It really helps!

Musey's and my favorite moment, however, is Joss's response to a question about whether the audience will go with the flow after the game-changing "Epitaph One."

"Will you?" says Joss. We will! He thinks the audience will follow along. Lost does it all the time, although he hasn't seen it. Boooo! "I have no time!" he says. "Okay, fine, I will watch TV and not make it for you."

Then comes the kicker: "I think we'll be okay as long as we don't drop someone in feudal Japan."

After the panel, Musey and I meet up with her husband, who is wearing a Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. I knew from meeting him before that he was into experimental music, but I have actually heard of them! He and his friends are done for the day, but he can pick Musey up after dinner, so we're good.

It is now time to hit the Dark Horse booth and see whether I have won a coveted spot in the Umbrella Academy signing line. I have something like thirteen tickets...and none of them win. Jilli has won a spot, however! Huzzah! She is a bigger Gerard Way fan than I am anyway, so I am glad. I get her and Pete so sign a copy of the book for truejavachik. As it turns out, Jilli actually met Gerard Way earlier at some booth and gave her a copy of the book! Neat! And Pete tells me that he literally ran into Drusilla.

I must content myself by taking the "I was this close to Gerard Way!" picture.

I get more Joss tickets and also ask for some supersecret Gerard Way tickets that I give to Jilli. They're for a secret announcement panel about his new project.

I stop by David Mack's booth. He says he saw my friend! Which friend? I assume he means prophetkristy, who was with me on Preview Night, but he says she mentioned "Sunil," and he was all, "Sunil Patel?" Aw, he knows my name now. I give him my business card and remind him that I am not the one who e-mailed him, but now he can e-mail me if he wants.

On the floor, the hunt goes on for discount trades, and I find a Pulse I need! Erin waits for me by the restrooms while I dig through the stacks.

By the restrooms is the Red 5 table. kali921 recommended Atomic Robo, so I admire the man's wares. He says I can have every single issue of Atomic Robo for $25, which is a pretty sweet deal if I were into issues, but I am not! I like trades, and the trades are $20 each, and they don't have Volume One. I enjoyed the Free Comic Book Day story with Dr. Dinosaur, so I tell him I'll just get that one. It's only a dollar.

Oh, he'll just give it to me! And then he gives me issue #3 of Atomic Robo, Neozoic, and Abyss. And he gives Musey a few free issues as well. Very nice! We thank him. We both feel obligated to buy something from him now! But we don't.

I drag Musey along with me as I go from booth to booth; I get so little floor time I have to do the most with what I get. I have to stop to take a picture in order to disprove my earlier statement of "No one dresses like Luke Skywalker."

I stop by the G4 booth to see what's going on, and, hey, it's Blair Butler! She's on her way out to present at the Eisners, though. But I see her! She's Blair Butler! She's pretty and geeky!

I get a phone call from Dahlia, who wants to know what I'm doing for dinner. Yay, I like when friends want to have dinner with me. I give her our location, and she finds us. The Exhibit Hall is closing, but we wait there for her until she shows up. And then on our way out, I spot a half-price trades booth and see that someone is still pawing through the stacks, so I figure I can too, and boom! the Alias and Pulse trades I require are there!!

We continue to exit, this time for real, constantly shooed by security. Unless we're exhibitors, we must leave! Dude, we are leaving, chill.

We have no real plans for dinner, but Mini and Gymble and Mr. Gymble went back to the hotel to swim, so we have to wait for them to come back downtown, which could take a while with the trolley. That's okay, we say, since there will be a wait for tables anyway. We head into Gaslamp and walk around, looking for a good place to eat.

We're walking past an Italian restaurant when a man at a table calls, "Dahlia!" We stop. The woman he's with turns her head. She looks startlingly like Jane Espenson.

I forget how Dahlia and the man know each other, but they chat. The woman extends her hand and introduces herself: "Hi, I'm Jane." OMG. YEAH. WE KNOW.

"Big fan, actually," says Dahlia.

"Your Buffy episodes were some of my favorites," I say after shaking her hand. I forget to mention Angel and Firefly as well but deliberately do not mention Battlestar Galactica, as her episodes were some of my least favorites.

Musey stays behind, and I wonder whether she wants to get in on this action. I don't think she quite processes what's going on.

We mention we're looking for dinner, and the man and Jane recommend the neverending pasta bowl at this place. They are already done eating, or it could have been some awesome HEY DO YOU WANT TO HAVE DINNER WITH JANE ESPENSON? moment.

The man wants to make sure Dahlia has his number in case she wants to contact him later. He pulls out his iPhone. Jane idly scans the address book on her iPhone as well, pulling up his name. Dahlia comments, as she had just a few minutes earlier, that Comic-Con must be the biggest confluence of iPhones in the world.

As we walk away, Dahlia and I flail a bit. I didn't even introduce myself! Musey confirms that she didn't realize who it was.

We turn off the main street in hopes of finding somewhere less crowded. We don't really have a cuisine preference. We pass the Red Pearl, as Asian fusion restaurant that looks good and well reviewed. We call the rest of the group, and they are fine with Asian fusion. They'd had Thai for lunch, so they don't want Thai again, but that sounds fine. The wait is an hour, but we still have to wait for the rest of our party anyway, so we put in our names.

We walk around the block and see if there are any other options. We must also keep in mind that Musey is vegetarian, and there are some restaurants that do not offer any suitable options for her. We stumble across Royal Thai Cuisine, which has a good menu and...huh, can seat us in fifteen minutes! That's way better than an hour. We put our names in. Musey gets ready to cancel our table at the Red Pearl as I call Mr. Gymble...and discover that that's where they had lunch. Balls. I stop Musey before she does something disastrous. The Red Pearl it is, we decide. And why not? They have this awesome big red chair.

This is my Jonathan Rhys Davies Meyers-in-The Tudors pose.

To pass the time, I suggest that Musey and I do a dramatic reading of Atomic Robo. Musey says she'll be Dr. Dinosaur, and, uh, no thanks, I will be Dr. Dinosaur, thank you very much!

So, my friends, please enjoy the tale of "Why Atomic Robo Hates Dr. Dinosaur." We are quite loud, and I don't know how many passersby are entertained by us.

There is a standerby a few yards away, however. Is that the guy from Hung? We can't remember his name. Thomas Jane? Hung doesn't have a panel, but other Showtime shows do. Yeah, that's probably him. This is how Comic-Con works, you guys.

We're not at Waiting in Line-Con anymore, but we're still waiting. Inside, we can see that they're playing some Japanese movie with subtitles. We can't hear anything, but I become greatly intrigued when I read the following lines out loud: "We have to locate the second brain. Believe me, it's a very important issue."

The three of become engrossed in the movie without sound. There is a little baby Godzilla! And it becomes frightened and his eyes glow red, which signals Rodan! Who is somehow Baby's half-brother. (Yes, they call him Baby. There is a sweet girl with a Connection to him. He's like a little puppy! With scales.) Rodan destroys a lot of shit, and there are sparks and smoke because all impact causes smoke and sparks in Japan. Ooh, Godzilla is angry! And then there's Mecha-Godzilla!!

I call Mr. Gymble to see where they are. They are right behind us. Oh. Our table is still not ready, but, dude, check this movie out. To my great delight, Mr. Gymble loves it as much as I do. Dahlia, I think, declares it the best pre-dinner entertainment ever.

When we're finally seated, we're very glad that we can still see the movie! We need to know how it ends. There is a lot more fighting, and then Rodan's energy reconstitutes Godzilla's second brain. I am not even making this up. Then this other girl uses her telepathy (what??) to tell Godzilla to leave. This movie is completely amazing and I must own it! The DVD menu lets us know that it's Godzilla vs. Mecha-Godzilla II. It was made in 1993! And then they start the movie from the beginning so we can see the ridiculousness we missed! Man, this place rules.

The menu has many interesting options, so we take a while to get our order together, but we decide to all order different things and share. Mostly. Mr. Gymble and Gymble and Mini split a bottle of wine, and Dahlia and I and Musey decline. (Psst. That was a stealth Seating Order.) The best dish on the table is Gymble's spicy tuna tartare on tempura eggplant, which is so good. I have one, and I'm glad when one remains unclaimed at the end so I can have another.

The Red Pearl is kind of loud, unfortunately, so it's hard to have good conversations, but good conversations are had, even though Dahlia doesn't know anyone else there and Musey has not met any of the others in person before. Besides, we always have the movie for entertainment.

The strap on Dahlia's brand-new blouse breaks, and she asks me to fix it...with a free pin from one of the booths. Ha! I have never mended a strap before, so I fumble a bit trying to figure out how best to go about it, but the epiphany that the pin doesn't have to go all the way through the fabric to hold the strap to the blouse helps me. Dahlia says it's done perfectly. I feel like a rock star.

There is drama with our dinner! Mr. Gymble orders duck fried rice, and Musey orders veggie fried rice. They bring out the duck fried rice, and we carnivores begin digging in, although we can't quite identify where the duck is. Then they bring out the duck fried rice, and...wait. We just ate half of Musey's dinner. Musey tells the waitress what happened, and she says she'll bring out a new dish for her. We pass her the cold remains of her original dinner while we eat the actual duck. There is quite a bit of food for us carnivores; the portions are large. Mini is happy to share her drunken noodles. I think the dish I get myself is my least favorite of what was ordered! It doesn't come with rice, which is bizarre. It's just chicken.

Musey gets a fresh batch of veggie fried rice, but she doesn't get her cauliflower dish until the very end, as a to-go order. When we get the receipt, I see that, as I feared, they both charged her for the cauliflower dish and the second veggie fried rice they had to make because they misidentified the first dish to us. OH NO THEY DI'N'T. Yeah, Musey is going to have words. She politely but angrily bitches the waitress and manager out. They take the two dishes off the check and will send her a gift certificate.

I do the harrowing math required to figure out how much everyone owes now.

Musey must leave us, as her husband is picking her up. Dahlia must leave us, as she has special parties to go to. It was nice meeting everyone, they say!

We fantastic four proceed to trolley back to the hotel. "Trolley" has now become a verb for us. I have the schedule printed out, and I declare how long we have to wait for the next trolley that will take us straight back.

"How do you know?" says Mini.

"I know! The last train came at [such-and-such]. The next train will come at [such-and-such]."

"But how do you know they're on time?"

"They're on time."

"But how do you know?"

"[Mini], don't drink wine anymore."

On the way back, I talk to a guy whose first con (ever, of any kind, I think) it is, and we talk comics.

Friday is an exciting day, but Saturday promises to be even more exciting. I just don't know it yet.
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