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How About the Bureau of Magic and Spell Casting? - The Book of the Celestial Cow

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August 21st, 2009

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11:38 pm - How About the Bureau of Magic and Spell Casting?
If you have Comcast, you are paying too much! Well, we all know that is generally a given, but Comcast appears to be in a particularly giving mood these days: I initiated a LiveChat to state that I was considering switching to AT&T or Astound and ask whether they had any special offers for existing customers, and "Richard" gave me a sweet deal that practically halves my cable/Internet bill for the next six months. I didn't have to push or anything! I mean, I pushed in case it helped, but it seemed like Comcast just had these awesome offers just lying around and THEY DON'T TELL YOU ABOUT THEM. truejavachik got her bill down by sixty percent plus added HBO and Showtime.

I just saved myself $435 by being mildly assertive. FOLLOW MY EXAMPLE.

My next move is possibly asking my landlord for an I've Been a Good Tenant for Three Years discount, since I just realized that he's not raising my rent this year. He always raises it the maximum amount, which is the increase in the CPI, which has been 3.3% the last three years...but this year, it's 0.7%! That's not even worth bothering with the paperwork, which he has not presented to me, and he's presented it much earlier the last two years since he has to give thirty days notice.

Unrelatedly, I watched the Psych pilot tonight, and, wow, it's so weird! Everything looks different, and it's not as snappy and polished as it's become over the years. There's some sort of Not!Jules who's slightly pretty and blonde but dull. And now I understand how the whole thing came together, although I still don't quite grasp why Shawn has to pretend to be a psychic as opposed to someone who's just really observant and exactly how much the police department buys into his schtick.

Relatedly, tonight's episode had its moments, but neither this week's nor last week's has been as funny as the premiere. Which Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly gave a C! A C! He doesn't appear to like or get the show at all. Lighten the fuck up, Ken!

Also, is it just me, or is Vick surprisingly pretty this season?

In other news, the Comic-Con posts have been written. Prepare yourselves for five days of epic posts next week.
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Date:August 22nd, 2009 06:50 am (UTC)
Bad weather and construction tend to cause problems with our cable/internet/phone service at least once every two months. It seems like whenever we have an outage (at least when it involves the phone service) and complain, we get a nice deal for the next six months. So, Comcast rips us off but we get nice deals that makes it so we don't really know it.

Plus, even though it hasn't always been Comcast, we've been with the same cable company since the 80s, which also helps with getting deals when they want to keep us.

Comcast is weird.

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