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Comic-Con 2009: The Totally Abridged Edition

I will not have the time to compose my patented hand-killing epic posts about my incredible Comic-Con experience for a couple weeks since my family is in town this week and wants me to spend time with them and I will be in Boston next week. Until then, however, here are a few words about how totally awesome Comic-Con was. Beware spoilers for, uh, my life.

I totally hugged miniglik for the first time in years. I totally saw gymble and Mr. gymble for the first time in months. I totally met the cast of The Guild. Felicia Day totally didn't remember meeting me at WonderCon but totally recognized my name from Facebook. I totally met roxybisquaint and her husband and prophetkristy. I totally chatted with MC Frontalot about Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. David Malki! totally drew me a free sketch. I totally met Gabe and Tycho. David Mack totally recognized me from the fact that I keep stopping by his booth all the time. I totally met up with childhood friends from Pittsburgh I hadn't seen in almost two decades.

I totally saw Julie Benz from a couple yards away. I totally got a free Middleman shirt with my DVDs. The Middleman table read was totally fucking hilarious and amazing and awesome. Javi was totally happy to see me. I totally liked Brit Morgan's hair. Mark Sheppard totally liked my shirt. I totally probably offended Mark Sheppard by implying that he was only playing variations on Badger. I totally got interviewed for a BluRay DVD featurette. I totally met smoo_nyc. I totally listened to Eliza Dushku and Sigourney Weaver and Zoe Saldana and Elizabeth Mitchell talk about strong female characters. I totally talked to the cast and creator of Psych. I totally got a hug from Dahlia's boss. I totally told James Roday I liked his episode. I totally stood in line through the awesome Psych panel. I totally got into the Dexter panel with mycenae. Jennifer Carpenter is totally adorable. Even though I wasn't there, the Legend of the Seeker panel totally turned my world upside-down. We totally had no chance of getting into the Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog singalong. I totally met life_on_queen and drank water in a SyFy-converted café where The Mayor and Jo from Eureka were having dinner.

I totally saved a spot in line for Dahlia waiting for the Guild panel. The Guild will be releasing a totally hilarious and awesome music video. We totally saw the season three premiere, which totally features Wil Wheaton. The Guildies were totally in costume. I totally stood in front of Joss Whedon and didn't say anything. Javi totally wanted a picture with me. I totally recorded a reading of Natalie Morales delivering one of my favorite lines from the Middleman comic. There was totally no way I was going to make the Attack of the Show panel. I totally ran into five people I knew within five minutes of standing in line for Ballroom 20. I totally stood in line through two panels with Melanie and Dahlia to get into Ballroom 20. I totally saw mutinousmuse for the first time since the Chuck premiere. "Epitaph One" was totally weird and interesting. Joss Whedon was totally amusing. Dichen Lachman and Fran Kranz totally showed up near the end. I totally did not get to meet Gerard Way, but I totally saw Jilli and Pete, who did. The Red 5 guy totally handed me and Erin a bunch of free comics. I totally saw Blair Butler. I totally met Jane Espenson and told her I loved her Buffy episodes. Erin and I totally did a dramatic reading of "Why Atomic Robo Hates Dr. Dinosaur," and I totally screwed up the ending since I didn't look at the panels closely enough. We totally think we saw Thomas Jane. Godzilla vs. Mecha-Godzilla II is totally the best pre-dinner entertainment ever. Rodan's energy totally reconstituted Godzilla's second brain.

We totally stood in line with the unwashed masses to get into the Chuck panel. We totally got a live performance by Jeffster. Chris Fedak was totally writing down ideas for season three. Zachary Levi totally mocked Adam Baldwin for being on Firefly and having so many adoring fans. I totally saw some awesome Avatar costumes. I totally talked to the cast and creators of Chuck. Vik Sahay totally called me his "brother." I totally saw Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko taking pictures with the Avatar cosplayers. I totally waited in line with Jess and Jilli for the Gerard Way panel. Jilli and I totally sat through an Xbox panel. Gerard Way totally has a squeaky voice and is totally adorable. I am totally excited for more Umbrella Academy. I totally got into the Fringe panel since Erin and her husband were in line, but I totally left early. I totally got a newspaper from an alternate reality. I totally met Sifu Kisu and told him he was awesome. Two of my five tickets for the Dr. Horrible signing totally won, so gymble totally joined me. We totally maybe saw Juliet Landau. I totally met Maurissa Tancharoen and Zack Whedon and Joss goddamn Whedon. I totally told Joss fucking Whedon that Buffy changed my life without completely falling apart. Amber Benson totally remembered me. I totally did not realize that Philip Bond was right there. Bryan Lee O'Malley totally drew me a little Kim Pine. I totally met C.S. Lee, which meant I somehow totally made three signings that were scheduled at the same time. I totally finally gave David Mack money. I totally yelled at Vincent Caso on the sidewalk. Seanan's book is totally real. I totally have a copy of it even though it is not even out yet. Amber Benson is still totally sweet. I totally met Patrick Rothfuss. Mark Valley and Anna Torv and James Callis totally walked right past me without my noticing in time.

We totally made it into the Doctor Who panel. I totally networked with the script coordinator for Leverage. David Tennant is totally hilarious and adorable, and he totally loves each one of us in a slightly different individual way. Russell T. Davies is totally jolly. I totally met equustel and her husband. I totally got my new Guild shirt signed. We totally had a lunch made of real food. I totally saw Christina Strain and Brent Spiner. I totally chatted with Sandeep Parikh about The Legend of Neil and Patrick Rothfuss. The Atom.com girls and I totally pretended Star Wars was an unknown indie film and Michael Jackson was a no-name pop star. We totally left early and skipped the OMWF singalong, but we totally had our own OMWF singalong in the car. We totally had a Dr. Horrible singalong as well. I totally did a dramatic reading of the free "Doctor Who and the Iron Legion" comic we'd received. miniglik totally made me do the Doctor with an Indian accent. I totally made everyone watch an episode of The Middleman, and they totally thought it was cute.

I totally lost ten pounds on the Comic-Con Weight Loss Plan.
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