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Cabbage, As We All Know, Is the Most Radiant of the Vegetables

She was having problems with her mouth, having put in it hot chicken gorgonzola right out of the oven. The Trader Joe's sample table can be dangerous! She was waving her hand in front of her mouth, trying to cool it down. It was very cute, as was she, and I smiled at her, and she smiled at me. The redhead dispensing samples told her there was some juice.

The girl said that she had just popped it in her mouth because she was hungry. "'Don't shop hungry,'" I said. "That's what they always say." In the presence of cute girls, I tend to babble. "Although I am also hungry," I admitted. "But there's a Togo's across the way, so I've got that covered." ("Togo's, huh?") I handed her a glass for her juice, and she thanked me. She used up the last of the juice, and the redhead replaced it.

"Would you like some juice?" the girl asked me.

"I would!" I said, and smiled. She poured me some pomegranate limeade.

"Take care," she said, as she continued her shopping and I continued mine. I was not sure what else I needed. I wandered the aisles and ended up having an extensive conversation with a cute single woman about spaghetti sauce.

I did see the cute girl putting things into her cart, but I had no excuse to say anything. Until we were both in one of the frozen food aisles and I noticed that she had the chicken gorgonzola in her hand.

"Ah, they got you!" I said. It was true, they had. I had been gotten before, too. I pointed out the mini veggie corn dogs and extolled their virtues. She picked them up and looked at the box, asking me how big they were. I said I usually had two, with dijon mustard. She was sold.

"The secrets of Trader Joe's!" she said, thanking me for my recommendation. I commented that the Trader Joe's shopping experience really was different from shopping at a regular grocery store. She thought a lot of it was glee at the low prices. I mentioned the branding; everything was "Trader Joe's This" and "Trader Joe's That," so it was special and you could only get it here. And you have to buy it or they stop carrying it, she added. I lamented the discontinuation of the amazing milk chocolate covered peanuts that tasted like Snickers without everything else. She showed me a couple things she recommended, including the mochi balls, which she said were the best thing ever.

We individually ended up in the next aisle over, naturally, and I commented on her choice of black bean and corn enchiladas, which were very good. But I told her I had recently discovered that the chicken burritos were really good, especially for a microwave burrito. She decided to get a pack of those instead.

We had been talking a lot by this time, so I said, "What's your name?" Jen. Sunil. We shook hands.

I also recommended the relatively new Indian frozen meals, which I said were surprisingly good, practically restaurant quality. She examined them and ended up picking up a paneer tikka masala. Then she said she needed some energy bars, which reminded me that I needed some energy bars.

"I need some energy bars since I'm going to Comic-Con," I said in an obvious ploy to determine her Geek Quotient. Sadly, it was 0, as she didn't know what it was. So I explained it to her, and she said it sounded cool. She was not into comics, but she knew people who really were.

She said Lara bars were really good, and I said I felt weird having those, as a man. Then I realized that was Luna bars—The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women—and corrected myself, and then she got it and laughed. "Like, can I eat this?" I said. "Is it full of estrogen?"

"I'm just grabbing all this food!" she said as she began pushing her cart away. "It must be because I'm hungry."

"I'm going to Togo's afterward," I said, motioning behind me. Then I added, to be a little more clear, "That will satisfy your...hunger."

Now getting it, she replied, "Oh, I'm good, but thank you! It was nice meeting you." She confirmed my name before leaving.

It had been a long shot, but I had taken it, and that's what counted.

Besides, Togo's closed ten minutes before I made it there.
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