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The Most Awesome Story Ever Told

Yesterday, I drove out to Antioch with Rick and Lisa and Cat for Rey's birthday party, where pretty much the only other people I knew were Rey and a couple others. Nevertheless, I joined a game of Apples to Apples, which is generally more fun when you Know Your Judge but is entertaining regardless (and a good way to get to Know Your Judges, anyway). There were close to a dozen people in the circle.

When I play, I like to go through each person's choice one by one and evaluate it in turn, throwing down each card without looking. Yesterday, however, I got the idea to transition from one to the next, keeping with the theme of the adjective. I had Frightening, so I took us through the Apples to Apples House of Horrors, where we discovered such horrifying things as TV Evangelists. Then I had Philosophical, where we discussed things that were philosophical, like the Indy 500 (they had a lot of time to contemplate things during the race) and Homer Simpson ("Mmm...[something that didn't work]." Wait, let's try that again. "Mmm...Meatloaf!").

After a particularly raucous one, Jessica asked if I could make stories for all of them. Ethan thought I was a hard act to follow, so he gave me his cards to make a story about things that are Radiant. Like...cabbage, the most radiant of all vegetables, which you can find in the grocery store next to...gold chains, which are worn by Mr. T, who hangs out with his best friend...Katharine Hepburn and gets together and...fights forest fires. I had just invented Improv Mad Libs Apples to Apples. It was terribly ridiculous, and I was making all these strangers laugh.

They found me so funny, in fact, that when someone got the card for Awesome, it was demanded that I make up an Awesome story...and people would record it.

So I present to you, The Most Awesome Story Ever Told.

I was under quite a lot of pressure, but somehow, the cards fell pretty awesomely. Not so with my birthday tale for Rey on how to be more Refined, which had a pretty good start and a decent middle but fizzled out toward the end.

Jessica thought I might actually be a Mad Libs writer. Once I become a YouTube sensation, however, maybe I can be! I HAVE FOUND MY CALLING!
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