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Terribly Listy LiveJournalcore

So a week and a half ago, I asked water_of_fire (L) to come see Nightmare of You with me. Luckily, she was currently in the habit of accepting bizarre invitations. Even more luckily, she did not wake up the next morning and decide it was a horrible idea, and instead we e-mailed in the interim. I told her to remain deliberately ignorant of Nightmare of You (and I did not listen to any songs but the one Pandora have given me), which meant she didn't even look at the opening bands...one of which was Plushgun, a band she had recently discovered through this video portrait of Zachary Quinto being covered in milk. Now she was really excited!

And we had a great night. Check out all these gerunds and participles, yo.
  • hugging L for the first time and discovering she's a great hugger
  • examining the menu at La Mediterranee and having no clue what to order because everything looked good
  • having a hibiscus cooler ordered for me because, according to L, I was having one
  • drinking a sweet, red liquid that was like drinking perfume or a flower
  • being asked what I did when I wasn't listening to bands that didn't exist yet
  • enlightening L about the violation of point-of-view in The Eyre Affair that pissed me off
  • explaining what unreliable narrators are and how much I heart them
  • L tasting my lemon chicken soup and deeming it terrible, she would finish it for me
  • trying the very tangy, tart lemon chicken soup that was interesting for a few sips but too sour to finish
  • devouring chicken pomegranate with meat that just fell off the bone
  • convincing L to watch Lost because it is just that awesome (and explaining OMGWTFPOLARBEAR in the process)
  • mocking opener Brian Bonz, who L thought looked like a wildly overgrown nine-year-old and I thought looked no older than fourteen
  • attempting and failing to appreciate his overblown, I-wish-I-was-Ben-Gibbard sincerity
  • watching L's delight at seeing Plushgun live
  • declaring Plushgun to be totally adorable, as during one song the lead singer threw glowsticks into the audience and during another, he played ukulele while the guitarist playing the portable glockenspiel
  • rather enjoying the fun, catchy synthpop, which L described as "terribly emo cuddlecore" because she wanted to punch them and put them all in her pocket
  • getting some air and avoiding the hipsters
  • convincing L that she had to buy the shirt designed by the guitarist who would totally steal her eyeliner
  • seeing L actually talk to said guitarist and admire his tattoos
  • patiently holding various layers of clothing as she removed them to show him her own tattoo
  • the guitarist pulling his shirt up to display the backwards Gothic lettering across his chest
  • telling L she had to wear the shirt the next time I saw her since it was clear there would be a next time
  • getting complimented on my shirt by the merch guy
  • being poked by the guitarist of Plushgun before I left so he could tell me he liked my shirt
  • L declaring that she would be my pet Goth
  • declaring that I would be her pet fanboy
  • sealing the deal with a high-five and a fist-bump
  • being thanked a million billion times for bringing her out
  • enjoying Nightmare of You's performance of "My Name Is Trouble," the one great song I knew and none of the others lived up to
  • realizing that "I Want to Be Buried in Your Backyard" sounded like it could be a Smiths song
  • L agreeing and pegging the next song as a Cure song
  • leaving before the show was over but picking up the first Nightmare of You CD since all the songs I liked were on it, whereas I was meh on all the songs he said were new
  • pleasing L by noticing how clean her car was
  • getting a burned copy of the Plushgun CD
  • agreeing with L that we should see other again
  • remembering how exciting it is to make a new friend
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