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Maybe We're the Ones Who Need to Be Locked in the Zoo

If you haven't heard, Chuck and Dollhouse have been renewed, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles is, as expected, pretty much dead on toast.

Today, I went to the San Francisco Zoo! With Lisa (danea) and Rick (ellric) and Seanan (cadhla) and Cat (ceolyn) and a couple of Seanan's co-workers. Do you like animals? ANIMALS ARE PRETTY COOL! Here, have a zoo picspam.

But first, have Lisa looking like a Batman supervillain with her huge camera lens.

I never know whether to describe a picture above or below it. I think today, I will let the pictures be themselves and offer commentary afterward if necessary.

Baby giraffe!!

Doing the tongue thing!

Can you imagine how much that kid is going to have to freaking eat to get THIS big? I didn't even get a good picture of the giant ostrich, which was the largest bird Rick had ever seen.


There were a lot of weird-looking birds. And, yes, Adam Sessler, that is a dik-dik.

Vanity, thy name is peacock! Seriously, this dude was totally entranced by his own reflection.

For the next set of pictures, Cat asks, "Do you like to move it, move it?"


This peahen just sat there striking poses for us.

DUDE CHECK OUT THOSE HORNS. Strong Bad would be jealous. We noticed that they only appeared to live in one very small section of Africa, yet they were considered only "Near Threatened." Not even threatened! Were there very few people living there? Then again, who'd want to fuck with that?

Let's see how long it takes you to figure out why I took this picture.

Also note, when we discussed tapping on the glass, I said, "I'd tap that glass." Seanan could not come up with a response.

That last one looks burnt. Or dead.

Peacocks are pretty, but OMG THEY ARE HELLA LOUD AND ANNOYING. They make this incredibly unsexy honking noise. Over and over. We decided they were the zoo's equivalent of Twitter.

The capybara, the world's largest rodent...except I have been informed that they may be reclassified?? THEY'LL HAVE TO CHANGE THE SIGNS.

You know that peacock is going to start something with that tapir.


It's hard to tell, but that's a warthog.

It's easy to tell, but that's a rhinoceros.

The bald eagle, King of the Slime.

The number one threat to America doesn't look so scary.

I said hi for you, schnappycat.

TURTLESEX. Uh, should I have given a NSFW warning?


Two in one day? Yes, two in one day. In one zoo. Though this one isn't really their fault.

Then I met April (aprilbegins) for dinner at Herbivore, where she had some really good-looking soft tacos and I had a very tasty, waiter-recommended soy chicken shawarma. HOW CAN FAKE MEAT TASTE SO GOOD? It tasted better than the fake real meat I had for lunch. After dinner, I bought her gelato, as I do, and then we bummed around at Half-Price Books, which I have discovered does have a good selection of graphic novels! I dropped her off at the airport, and there was much hugging.

In conclusion, today I saw turtles fucking.
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