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It's Alpha and Omega's Kingdom Come

If you listened to my PhonePost earlier, you know that I got all my wisdom teeth out today. Once the numbness wore off, the pain began, so I took some Vicodin, which helped. Given all the horror stories I heard, I think I'm doing pretty well, but we'll see if I swell up like a chipmunk tomorrow. Big thanks to ellric & Cortney for picking me up and taking care of me.

I was, thankfully, able to watch the Dollhouse finale, and I know you all are just dying to hear my thoughts.

First of all, since I didn't post last week, insert the obligatory OMG ALAN TUDYK IS ALPHA HOLY SHIT I AM SO GLAD I WAS UNSPOILED FOR THAT.

I thought the episode was good but somewhat of a mess; it didn't wow me like I was hoping it to. But definitely good for an episode featuring so little Victor and Sierra! (Which, what the hell, we never saw Detectives Sierra and November again.)

Victor-as-Dominick's line last week—which, again, FUCKING AMAZING—ostensibly addressing as Claire as "Whiskey" seemed to confirm people's suspicions that she was an Active, and now it's been fully confirmed. Damn, Amy Acker is hot. And cute as a Doll! She tries to be her best. I do wonder what her last scene with Topher was implying. Topher imprinted her to hate him for some reason? Maybe some sort of self-loathing show of guilt? I'd like to see more of self-aware lollipop Claire.

Alpha's issue with his 48 personalities was neat, but I didn't understand why it didn't manifest at all last week. There were no glitches when he was Stephen Kepler, nor when he was Killer Alpha. But now all his personalities are fighting with each other ("I'm not bluffing." "I'm not bluffing." "I'm bluffing!" "I'm not." Hee.)? And his master plan...I don't get it. So he got a crush on Echo? And then made her into Omega? Also, Topher is pretty much responsible for the composite event, right? Accidentally? So now Alpha believes he's the Nietschean Ubermensch? And he kills his original personality even though it appears to be his driving personality at this point (given his victim's scars)? So he wants Echo to destroy Caroline? Granted, I don't really care about Caroline (although I did in this episode, when she was in a different body and it was so fucked-up), but he wants to kill her over and over and over for kicks? It was all very strange, and the conversations about identity were a little too on-the-nose.

(And what the hell, Alpha built an imprint chair, really?)

The stuff in the Dollhouse, both past and present, was good. I was surprised and pleased that Ballard secured November's release rather than Echo's. Miracle Laurie was never a regular, only a guest star, anyway. Topher is pretty enjoyable. And I'm amused that Boyd and Ballard went from beating the shit out of each other to working together.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions, though! Why is Boyd working for these people? Why is Ballard still so goddamn obsessed with Caroline? Who is the mole who was sending him messages through Echo and November? Do I really care whether Echo ever becomes Caroline again? Can she go back to being Omega again, because she was pretty cool like that?

I would like to see the bonus thirteenth episode, the coda, on the DVDs. And I would definitely be interested in a second season because the show has finally started exploring the questions I was hoping it would explore when the show first started. In fact, I would probably upgrade How Much I Want It to Come Back to at least a 7.5. But I'm not burning down my living room or anything.
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