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I Am Generally a Fan of...Rae

This Saturday, I spent the day with Rae (raelee)! And Seanan (cadhla)! Two of the coolest girls I know! It was East Coast (Florida) meets West Coast (California) all up in this Bay Area. We engaged in quite a few fun gerunds.
  • meeting Rae and Seanan at Biryani House in Berkeley
  • getting a bunch of cool Middleman swag from Rae
  • ordering the kofta curry because I'd never seen chicken kofta, only malai kofta
  • finding it spicier than malai kofta
  • photographing the white women shamelessly partaking of my ethnic cuisine
  • meeting Mr. Hissypants at Other Change of Hobbit
  • hearing why the cat is named Mr. Hissypants
  • listening to Seanan chit-chat with the owners about a ridiculous paranormal convent book or something
  • meeting alien hairless cat Ripley at Borderlands on Valencia
  • attending the reading featuring Nick Mamatas (nihilistic_kid) and Tim Pratt (tim_pratt, a.k.a. T.A. Pratt), two authors I knew nothing about but who seemed like funny, cool guys whose work I am more interested in checking out now
  • being oppressed by Seanan as she pushed me out of the way to deliver pumpkin chocolate chip brownies to her old pal Tim Pratt
  • introducing Seanan (and Rae) to the pirate store, which she had somehow NEVER HEARD OF (a-frickin'-hem)
  • using her ignorance of what was obviously in store to get her mopped
  • taking her into Paxton Gate after the outside sparked her interest and showing her the costumed rodent skeletons, which she agreed were better than bugs
  • hanging out with Tim and Nick for a bit at Phoenix, where Nick dorkily took cell phone pictures of the group
  • running into Tim while waiting for BART
  • singing Super Mario Bros. music with Seanan in the BART station
  • taking Rae and Seanan to Concord in Caprica while listening to Smellerbee
  • meeting Alice, Seanan's new Maine Coon OMG ADORABLE KITTY OMG
  • finally picking up my signed copy of Seanan's new CD
  • making Rae laugh by declaring, after noticing that Seanan had quite a bit of zombie-themed literature, "I am generally a fan of...things."
  • receiving an excess copy of Zombie Haiku and borrowing a bunch of comics
  • Seanan's realizing hours later that I had directed her to look at the skulls in the pirate store in order to set her up for a good mopping
  • eating salad and soup and bread and such at Sweet Tomatoes
  • proving that Rae and I are Veronica Mars fans
  • getting all three of us in one picture
  • receiving the best phone directions ever from Rae's sister, the kind you get in spy movies where it's like, "You will come to a stop sign up ahead. Continue until the road curves right. Go to the left. The train tracks will now be on your left. Drop the package off in the blue mailbox. No, not that one, the other one. Nice shirt."
  • hugging Rae before leaving
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