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There's No Cheese in the Future

These episodes were not watched under the best of circumstances, so I may have missed things, but I have to say some stuff!

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

That was tight.

Practically every scene of the episode was crackling, with something interesting and intriguing and exciting going on.

Since it happens so early (which: WTF??), let me get it out of the way now: holy crap, Derek. When I heard they were killing off a major character, he was my first thought. I knew they couldn't kill Sarah or John or Cameron, and I didn't want them to kill Derek because he added a lot to the show, but I figured he was fair game. And then I found out Brian Austin Green had booked a pilot, which would not be telling in and of itself, but it did raise my suspicions a bit.

And I'm left simultaneously bewildered and impressed at how they did it. For fuck's sake, they didn't even give him a death scene, a last dying word, none of that bullshit. Bam, headshot, just like the pretty babysitter/nanny/caretaker/whatever. The T-888 didn't give a fuck who he was; Derek was just in his way. And there's no good reason why this doesn't happen to major characters all the time. They survive because it's television. At the same time, I wonder whether Derek really had outlived his usefulness, and I now call shenanigans yet again on Jesse's Lost Pregnancy since it added nothing at all to the story. Derek got to angst about it for all of half an episode before he got taken down. (toastandtea posits alternate-future Derek, which, ooh! That could work. And perhaps give that plot point relevance. I don't know, I think I am still confused and not believing they actually killed Derek.)

Anyway, who would have guessed Savannah would become so goddamn pivotal to the series? I'm not even sure why, exactly. Is she useful only as a bargaining chip for Weaver or does John Henry's brother (whom I shall now refer to as Henry Henry) want her for her own sake, for what she's teaching John Henry? Because I love those two together! The Hide and Seek game made me think they were trying to set something up where John Henry would do something bad to Savannah, but I now realize that John Henry is totally Savannah's Uncle Bob. He will never hurt her. I think they're going to take over the world.

I love John Henry SO. FUCKING. MUCH. He's so fascinating, and I love his interactions with Weaver and Ellison and Savannah. He has a distinct relationship with each one of them. And now he's learning about SECRETS AND LIES. And Cain and Abel! I totally mouthed along with Weaver: "...you are God." AWESOME. Then who are Cain and Abel? Savannah and Henry Henry? Will John Henry have to choose between them?

Ellison, Ellison, Ellison! If you don't find out Weaver is a robot in the finale...I don't know, YOU BETTER FIND OUT SHE IS A ROBOT IN THE FINALE. Especially if it's the series finale. I don't know if I could stand your never knowing for all of canonical eternity.

And then holy shit, Sarah! I, um, almost expected her to get riddled with bullets. That woman will not go down without a hell of a fight, but aaah, this is very inconvenient! And now John Connor is all alone but for his robot Companion, and that kid sure has come a long way since the pilot.


Okay, you guys, for serious. This needs to be The Victor and Sierra Show. Those two actors are acting circles around Eliza goddamn Dushku. Victor especially. It's amazing to watch them inhabit their different characters so completely. Whereas I think I don't even care about Caroline anymore. I'm just so tired of trying to care about Echo, when Victor and Sierra light up the screen. Mellie/November is nice, but we haven't seen much range from her yet.

I refuse to believe that anyone can tell that much about how a bug works just by looking at it.

That was a pretty sinister plot twist, and I kind of loved it. Because having our four primary Actives awake and mostly aware made me once again question the longevity of this premise and wonder why they were pulling this trigger so early. But the reason? Kind of neat in a psychological kind of way, and it tells us a bit more about how the Actives are wired. And Dr. Saunders.

I do still wonder about the longevity of this premise. I...almost miss the Engagement of the Week episodes? I'm not sure what "an episode of Dollhouse" is supposed to look like now. Is it now a Glitch of the Week thing? I'm not sure what I want from this show anymore. Except Victor and Sierra making out.
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