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That's What Makes It Music

If you haven't heard, Andy Hallett (Lorne from Angel) died last night. Of heart failure. At 33. (He'd been battling heart disease for five years, apparently. Which would have made him 28 when he was diagnosed. Which is what I turn this year. I already have a paranoid, irrational fear that I'll randomly develop a terminal disease in the next couple years, making my life entirely pointless. This does not help matters. Scary shit.)

I once dressed up as Lorne for Halloween. Green makeup and red horns and everything. I was season five Lorne, and as we walked around Ann Arbor, I would pull out my cell phone and make deals and talk to celebrities. It was really fun, and I'm sorry I never got to meet Andy and tell him about it.

Numfar, do the Dance of Sadness.


Tricia Helfer! They really did make her look freakily like Yvonne Strahovski.

Although I don't really understand how 49B works. The agent comes in to observe how Sarah works with Chuck...and doesn't actually let her work with Chuck? Bwuh? How the living fuck is she supposed to come up with a "diagnosis" if she's Chuck's handler?

Aw, Casey! Crushing on Forrest! Sticking up for Sarah! The best damn partner he's ever had! Aw, you big softie.

I don't understand where those bachelor party pictures came from. None of that happened, and Lester and Jeff weren't in there to take pictures of what little action there was.

Where did Beckman's conference call TV come from? How does that thing work? It's so weird. Also, won't she get suspicious when Chuck is reading the same issue of Ex Machina over and over? I'm sure it's a good issue, but come now.

And Beckman learned a lesson about feelings! That sure took long enough.

How I Met Your Mother

Total filler episode, but still very funny and represents so much of what I love about this show. It takes silly ideas like the Murtaugh List seriously. It has narrator humor and sh— stuff. It will randomly re-enact scenes from Lethal Weapon and/or every cop movie ever (I have never actually seen Lethal Weapon) with conviction. It highlights real, honest truths about growing up. It has character continuity like Marshall and Lily's psychic conversations.

And it makes me almost choke on my pizza with a Teen Wolf reference.


That...was a really good episode. I am confused. They just focused on three pairs of characters and deepened their relationships and let Noah hang around the periphery of each story, and it really worked for me. The best episode in a while, I say.

First up, Peter and Angela Petrelli. Um, I can't believe I'm saying this, but in that black coat and dripping wet and being all mysterious, Cristine Rose was kinda hot. I mean, she's no Helen Mirren, but...there you have it. Which meant I kept expecting Peter to make out with his mom. But instead they had a nice mother-son outing. And of course she has a sister! This family will encompass the whole world in no time.

And then Nathan and Claire! A father-daughter outing. Claire looked prettier than she has all season! And I thought it was amusing that she could hold her liquor, but what the fuck kind of explanation was that? Getting drunk has nothing to do with killing liver cells. I would have bought that her power would protect her from intoxication somehow, but liver cell regeneration would keep her from getting cirrhosis, not getting drunk. Anyway, I still enjoyed the father-daughter bonding, and I thought it was sweet that Nathan sold his watch so Claire could keep her necklace from her REAL dad. There may be hope for him yet.

Finally, Sylar and Danko. Who is a crazy moron if he thinks teaming up with Sylar is a good idea. Although I do love that it makes a sick kind of sense: Sylar has, historically, been pretty damn good at tracking down and catching people with powers. He's also pretty damn good at only looking out for himself when he's not on a misguided path to redemption. Danko's really desperate now, though, and he appears to suck at his job. Fun times with the shapeshifter, though! ("What's in the box?" is TV's new favorite question.) I loved the fakeout at the end; I totally thought Danko was the shapeshifter. And faking Sylar's death is totally sweet! This plot could go to some very interesting places; it's much better than Sylar teaming up with an annoying kid on a pointless quest to find his dad.

Isn't the city scheduled to blow up at some point, though? Matt painted something on the floor a few episodes ago. Ah well, maybe Claire's magic liver will save them all.
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