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The Drawer of Inappropriate Starches

I would like to make it known that for dinner today, I had an Ahi Korean BBQ burger, which consisted of mixed baby greens, Ahi tuna, California kimchi, Korean BBQ sauce, and fried pineapple slices. With fried dill pickle chips. And sweet potato fries. And regular fries. Also a chocolate shake (not fried).

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Strangely enough, I have decided that as much as I love the crazy Baum family unit, the most compelling story for me right now is John Henry's. The malware scene was AWESOME and freaky. And even before that, I got a very bad feeling about the fact that he has learned that You Can Change the Rules. And then THERE IS ANOTHER (SKYWALKER)!!!!111 A BROTHER. FROM CYBERDYNE. WHAT THE FUCK. EVEN CATHERINE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. WHO THE HELL IS OUT THERE?

And that storyline is finally wrapping into the main plot, as John Henry's evil twin brother's minions are responsible for kidnapping Derek and attemping to kill? glitch? reprogram? Cameron. And those same minions are responsible for putting the tracker on Sarah, right? Looked like the same people. But she thinks she got it from that guy she didn't kill at that warehouse...which is run by Catherine. So why doesn't she know what's going on? How is this other faction being run?

Pancake continuity! Also, Young Jungle Sarah looks like Keira Knightley.

I am miffed that we didn't get to see Sarah find out about Derek and Jesse onscreen, but I'm glad we are seeing the appropriate fallout.

Buh-bye, Charley. We hardly knew ya.


What the hell, this show has actually become a show I can enjoy and be interested in because the show is enjoyable and interesting, not because I am waiting for it to stop making me uncomfortable and reminding me that Eliza Dushku is hot.

This was the funniest episode yet. I mean, every genre show does an episode like this at some point, though it's usually later in the run when you've gotten to know the characters better, but in this case, it actually helps us get to know the characters better. I think it's very important that we learn that Adelle finds lentils incomprehensible and that she is very...British. And falls off banisters hilariously. But seriously, we got a lot more insight into the operation (so Rossum controls all the Dollhouses?) and how Adelle fits in (looks like she has higher aspirations). And I have hated Dominick all this time, but his repeated apologies to Echo were really amusing. And Boyd! Not maintaining control of that situation! What a hoot it all was. I'm one of the few people who actually likes Topher, but drugged-up Topher wasn't all that different from regular Topher. Although I expected him to start making out with Adelle at some point. As I would like to.

Meanwhile, we have these crazy memory glitches! While I don't care about Echo, I seem to care a bit about Caroline, so it was cool to see more of her backstory in little pieces filtering to the surface of Alice's consciousness. And Victor was a soldier, it looks like? (His first NSA scene with Dominick was great. I really like that actor. He makes all his different roles very distinct, as if he's always been playing that character.) And Sierra...she was flashing back to the Handler rape, but was she flashing back to her old self as well? That was unclear.

I liked the actor who played Sam, so I'm glad it looks like he's sticking around. We got to see a recruitment! Very neat.

Finally, the real reason I am making this post is because I want it documented that I am calling it right here and now: Leo, Caroline's old boyfriend, is Alpha. We didn't actually see him die, and it would explain why he left Echo alive. It would maybe even explain why everyone is so fixated on Echo since they know of her previous connection to Alpha.

I actually care about this show now! Weird!
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