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I Would Perform a Reverse Rick Moranis on Cobie Smulders

Remember that time I was asked to be on a panel? Yeah, I was just asked to be on another one, this time at the regional conference. And actually about medical writing! I'm supposed to talk about being a medical writer in drug safety. Why do people keep putting me in front of a microphone? Don't they know that's dangerous? Sheesh.

(Oh dear, I have to write a bio! All the examples are serious and boring. Polty don't play that.)


Oh man, I did not expect the shit about Chuck's board and Orion to go down in the very next episode! We are hurtling toward an exciting finale indeed!

I loved all the Eagle Eye bullshit Orion pulled because, uh, that shit is fun? I heart talking computers? (WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY A GAME?)

The CG on the Predator was ass. Damn.

The Buy More stuff was pretty good, though. I have a feeling we'll see more of the rival store in the future. Also, Jeff's office. Ha! (Also hilarious: Lester and Jeff come running "as soon as they heard.") I liked Emmett's "Just like Fresno, just like Fresno," but I wonder if they're ever going to do anything with him. Stop wasting Tony Hale!

Seeing Beckman in the real world was weeeeeird! (She's tiny!) I am very happy if her declaration that Chuck has to become a spy means that he'll get some real spy training so he can become more badass and useful (although he will of course find ways to fuck up hilariously). He's had enough field experience by now that he's far more spy than the average civilian anyway.

While I appreciate the role reversal of Chuck keeping secrets from Sarah, I am so over the Chuck Listens in on Sarah at the One Moment She Says What He Doesn't Want to Hear EXCEPT SHE CLEARLY DOES NOT MEAN IT and Then He Does Not Hear Her Speak from Her Heart Seconds Later device. Seriously, how many times have they pulled the CLIOSGDSGSDJNJSKDHSAK:LSGSL? STOP FALLING FOR IT, CHUCK, YOU IDIOT. SHE LOVES YOU, GET WITH IT.

Orion is clearly not dead. That was a decoy or something. Or he teleported off the helicopter, I don't know. But he can't be dead.

Chuck is reading Ex Machina! Yay!

How I Met Your Mother

Yes, of course they made the site. And they somehow got Alan Thicke to pose for photos.

Oh right, they can't have Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders walking around all pregnant! That's why they did this storyline. I just thought it was a funny idea.

Oh, Ted. Why are you designing like Karen? His original idea for the GNB building that got beaten out by the Swedes or whoever wasn't this pretentious, was it? Nobody wants a rock garden on the roof. Nobody. I am very afraid for his firm. As Barney said, "In this economy??"

(Grouper. Come on now. Grouper.)

Pushing Heroes

Welcome back, Bryan Fuller!! We have missed you.

He's still carrying the baggage of the rest of the season, but I had an inkling from the first scene with Danko that he might be back with this episode, and I was excited to see his name in the credits. It's hard to tell exactly what his influence brought to the episode besides Swoosie Kurtz, but I did notice that it focused on a few characters and didn't try to jam everyone in. No Sylar, no Nathan, no Claire. And more characters working together, which I know he wanted.

Rebel is Micah! Which I knew because Noah Gray-Cabey's name was in the credits and, uh, pretty much everyone guessed that already. Because it made the most sense, and, what do you know, this time the show chose the route that made sense! And his voice changed, aw. He's older and wiser and leading a rebellion from his iPhone.

Tracy's final scene was pretty cool, even if there was no indication she could do something that powerful before. But what the fuck was up with her icy blinking eye? Can she reconstitute herself like a fucking T-1000?

Speaking of things for which there were no indication...Ando can Hadoken that useless pink fireball that has only been a representation of the fact that he even has a power that he hardly ever uses? O...kay. And Toddler Touch and Go can restart Hiro's power even though Arthur was supposed to have stripped it away entirely? O...kay. Whatever, at least there is time-stopping going on again. They didn't give him back teleportation, so he's not as all-powerful as he used to be, at least. Also, what is a baby doing having activated powers anyway? STOP PRETENDING THE ECLIPSE HAS MAGICAL POWERS. Are there Jack-Jacks all over the place now? Danko should really try blowing up the moon.

(The Hiro and Ando Comedy Hour was good fun this week, though. How great was that shot of them hiding in the stuffed animals? Adorable!)

WHAT WAS THE POINT OF NOT KILLING DAPHNE IF YOU WERE JUST GOING TO KILL HER? GAH. And he even let her acknowledge the fact that their relationship doesn't really make any sense before...giving her a Superman-style cheesy happy fake ending? I don't know. That was sort of lame, and there was no cleavage. Adieu, cute speedster chick. I'll miss you.

Hey, wait, I remember reading that Bryan Fuller said he would kill off two characters when he came back, and the deaths would stick. And he comes back and kills off two women? The hell? He even had Tracy put herself in a refrigerator!
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