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Veronica Mars Is Smarter Than Spike

1. JON STEWART: Is awesome. Is real. Is not the person who won last year, so let's make it interesting.

2. I have no horse in the Booth vs. House race, but I voted for House because I have seen a few episodes of the show. I would support a Booth win, however. Vote your conscience; I endorse no one! ETA: I have changed my vote to Booth!

3. TEN: Is awesome. Is a Time Lord. Does not have a history of referring to women as bitches and sluts, though does have a history of, uh, That Thing We Don't Like That He Did.

4. VERONICA MARS: Is awesome. Is a detective. Has never attempted to rape anyone, though has made off-color Easter egg jokes.

(Disclaimer: I love Barney Stinson, Dean Winchester, and Spike as much as the next guy but believe they deserve to lose these particular match-ups.)

Voting ends in approximately 18 hours, so make your voice heard!
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