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Happy Canada Day! Free Music for Everyone!

It's time to celebrate by sharing some of my favourite songs by some of my favourite Canadian artists.

Yeah, you see what I did there? Just for you guys, just for today.

Look, I want to eat lunch and watch the fourth episode of Doctor Who, so I'm not going to write a detailed description for every single song and artist. If you want to know more, just ask me. But every single song here is good, or I wouldn't have bothered to post it. Most are great. Some are, in fact, fucking awesome.

Our Lady Peace: If you haven't heard of OLP, you've been living under a rock. Perhaps the ROCK MUSIC that they play.
"Naveed": Bassline that will own your soul.
"Automatic Flowers": Definitely in my top five, if not top three or top one. I love that he describes a "pop-up book of flowers from grade four" as "automatic flowers." And they won't do, my friend. They won't do. Listen or die.
"Happiness and the Fish": Social commentary! And fish.
"Everyone's a Junkie": Can you resist a song that includes the phrase "big green monkey"? No, no you can't.

Matthew Good Band: Canadian grunge! Or...post-grunge, or whatever.
"Enjoy the Silence": Very nice cover of the Depeche Mode song, with all the rocking out and whatnot.
"Suburbia": Courtesy of the lovely foresthouse. Melancholy yet...hopeful. If "someday, this place is gonna burn" can be considered hopeful.

Sam Roberts: Rock music with a light touch
"Where Have All the Good People Gone?": Lovely, with nice rhythms and harmonies and geographical lyrics.
"Brother Down": Hand claps!
"Rarefied": My favourite part is the background "Come on!"
"No Sleep": Featured on The O.C.!

Hawksley Workman: Quirky pop/rock
"Jealous of Your Cigarette": Piano-based, a bit weird, with lyrics like "smooch you on the hills of Spain."
"Striptease": This song will ROCK YOUR BODY. So much fun. DOWNLOAD NOW OMG.

Metric: Indie pop with pretty female voice
"Siamese Cities": My first. I love how the melody kind of dances around. It totally references "Crimson and Clover."
"Combat Baby": Ridiculously fun and bound to get stuck in your head.
"Hustle Rose": Fun buzzy vocals in the beginning, but the second half rocks out like whoa.

Stars: Indie pop with pretty female voice...and male voice!
"Elevator Love Letter": Loveliest, calmingest song ever. Plus, it includes the most brilliant double entendre involving a preposition in the history of music.
"This Charming Man": Smiths cover, different take. Mellow, laidback.
"What I'm Trying to Say": Aw, it's cute and fun.

Emm Gryner: Pop/rock songstress extraordinaire
"July (Original Leap Year Version)": I fell in love with this song from the very first piano notes, dancing like raindrops on the pavement.
"Your Sort of Human Being": This song will kill you. It begins with a dark, driving guitar hook, and some strings make an appearance, and then there's the pain, and the melody changes, and the plaintive, desperate chorus. Listen to this right now. RIGHT NOW.
"Stereochrome": Mars, this song never fits on my mixes. It's so pretty. I think there's a cello. Stereochrome, I guess this is hello, can you hear me?
"Symphonic": Piano-driven hit single. When all the sun shines down on you / Everyone's a lie but you're so true / You're symphonic, you're the light of the moon / How could I forget you? It's so fun and pretty and happy and loving.

Tara MacLean: Pop chanteuse. Yes, she must be called a chanteuse because her voice is pretty like that.
"Reach": The chorus is where it's at.
"If I Fall": This one's fun and upbeat.
"Poor Boy": Little atmospheric, this one.
"Divided": Very nice song with the delicious turn of phrase "a world that swallows cowards for the crime of killing time."

Artificial Joy Club: Female-fronted rock with witty lyrics
"Cheeky Monkey": It starts out with "I'll give back your pogo stick as soon as you return my wasted time," and it only gets better. Angry, bitter like whoa.
"You're Too Good to Me": A chorus that will kick your ass, even if it seems to be a pastiche of bizarre phrases like "barracuda brain" and "rabid porcupine." Includes references to The Brady Bunch and Forrest Gump. Rocks hard, it does.
"Skywriting": Built around a genius central metaphor about the lack of communication in a relationship. Not as aggressive as the previous two.
"Sick and Beautiful": The song they actually played on the radio that stuck in my head for years until I finally found the album. Chockfull of contradictory images and phrases ("gravy with gasoline," "napalm with novocaine," "cockroach with cabernet"), it will give you your intelligent songwriting fix. Plus, it's fun and has a nice beat.

Jets Overhead: Apparently, they "infuse traditional rock with a more modern hypnotic style." They opened for Tegan and Sara.
"Addiction": Their hardest rocking song. Listen or I kill you.
"George Harrison": Mars, I would have put this on your mix, but a) it would have been too long and b) it wasn't a recent discovery. If the "I can't really love you, I can't make you understand" chorus doesn't kill you dead, you have no soul. Oh and Jesus the bridge. I love his voice.
"Take-Out": This one's pretty rock-ish too. Oh and Jesus the bridge. I love these guys, man. Everyone should check them out. They're so fucking good.
"This Way": Much more mellow and soft than the others, but still awesome. If you like this, check out their website for free downloads.

Tegan and Sara: Identical twin lesbians making kickass indie rock
"Star Money": Mars, this is usually the Tegan and Sara song I put on calm mixes. So lovely, so calming.
"Superstar": On the other hand, not so lovely, not so calming. Aggressive, biting, creepy. When that drum machine kicks in, and the backing electric guitar riff, and the OMG so good. And soon my face will be on every magazine, and my voice will be on every frequency. Take my heart! While you're at it, why don't you sign me up to sell me out?
"Underwater": Aw, this one is cute and fun. On this album, they went kind of, how do you say, power pop. You're a silly love song, a verse, chorus, and such.
"Where Does the Good Go": This song hits gorgeous in the chorus. Like, it just made me almost cry, it's that beautiful with the harmony and melody. It's love that leaves and breaks / The seal of always thinking you would be / Real happy, and healthy, strong and calm / Where does the good go? Where does the good go? Please download. Tegan and Sara are, in fact, fucking awesome.
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