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If I Could Solicit Some Questions from the Audience?

My boss says a colleague of hers once said there were three ways to tell you'd Made It in your career:
  1. You have direct reports.
  2. You have your own office.
  3. You're asked to be on a panel.
I'm still working on those first two. And I don't know if this counts for the third, but, uh, I was asked to be on a creative nonfiction panel at this year's American Medical Writers Association annual conference. The woman organizing the panel liked the story I read last year and was told about my song parody the year before. It was suggested that I may very well have talents in other genres.
The session will be 90 minutes, so I think each panelist (probably 3 total) will get about 15 minutes. What I'm imagining is that you would choose a piece of writing that you'd like to talk about in terms of its process---what compelled you to write it, what you learned/changed as you wrote, how this piece of writing connects (or doesn't connect) with the other aspects of your life, like the medical writing part. If you want, you could also talk about other writers who inspire you or give ideas to jump-start others in their own writing projects.
I don't have any creative nonfiction to talk about! Even if LJ stuff counts, it's not what I want to talk about in public and have my colleagues hunting me down online. I don't even really know what constitutes creative nonfiction. What do I write about? How do I write it? Are there any good examples I can look to for inspiration? Help me out here, you guys, I AM GOING TO BE A PANELIST WTF.

Also, I'm going to be teaching a three-hour introductory workshop on cancer pharmacology. This year's conference is shaping up to be very exciting and stressful.
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