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You Know That She'll Break You in Two

I must share with you my latest song addiction:

The Airborne Toxic Event - Sometime Around Midnight

When I saw them at BFD, I thought they had a couple good songs, and this must have been one of them. It's just the perfect song for that kind of sound. It's lovely. It's like...stars. I don't know. It reminds me of Explosions in the Sky with words. I can't stop listening to it.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Oh, you artsy little show with your funereal chapter titles. You artsy little sci-fi show. I was struck by how un-sci-fi this show is. I mean, people always point to BSG as a good example of "sci-fi for people who don't like sci-fi," but they're on a goddamn spaceship. You can't get away from that. This show takes place in the real world, and I think it shows more human emotion. It's so interested in the small stories. But for a few scenes in the episode, you'd hardly know it was science fiction.

So I forget, has it been truly confirmed that Savannah is human? It seems more likely in this episode that Savannah was the real Catherine's daughter. I'm just waiting for T-Weaver to morph into her dad and let her sit on his lap.

I love how creeped out Whistler was by Derek. Like, "I'll...be walking the rest of the way, dude." I wonder if he was just a free agent or whether Catherine has some People she has going around tying up loose ends.

I love the crazy little town with the underground network! That's pretty awesome. And elaborate. I wonder if she's built more towns like that. There have to be backups if she's liable to go apeshit for one unsecure phone call.

HOLY SHIT THE DRONE. That was awesome. And everyone saw it. There are your three dots, guys. So what the fuck, why is she building those already? The Skynet causality loop is fucked-up. Did they always do this? Or did the 'bots decide they needed to start preparing ahead of time if they wanted to ensure that they won the war? And does the rogue dad have a remote control or something that he can just call it into his truck? I don't know what's going on. Except there are dead cows involved. Poor dead cows.


I know this is supposed to be episode 3 or 4 or something, but it sure feels like a proper episode 2, so I'm confused.

The most intriguing part of the show is definitely the stuff about Alpha. I liked the various flashbacks throughout the episode; they fleshed out a lot of things that were hinted at in the pilot. I didn't even notice Dr. Saunders's scars last week, but I definitely see them now! I was genuinely surprised when the cop shot Boyd's partner; I was not expecting that at all. But was he hired by Alpha or someone else? All we know is that Alpha killed him; maybe someone other than Alpha is out to take the Dollhouse down.

I'm also interested in the general ways that the Dollhouse works. I am entranced by Ms. DeWitt because she's pretty and has an accent, and this week I realized that she and Catherine Weaver should totally get together. I wonder how the damn place runs, how their clients find them, how they run their background checks that are apparently SOOOOOO amazing that it's a surprise that Alpha could construct such an elaborate fake identity, how they manage to stay under the radar, how...a lot of things. I liked the trust imprint on the handler; that was cool.


But I find it hard to care about Echo's engagements since it will all be erased and she won't remember anything. Except for DUN DUN DUN. She remembers a random thing! And she has weird flashes of herself! I liked the little hallucinatory otherselves, actually, and the flashback to Alpha's attack, but it makes me wonder what's so damn special about Echo that it's only happening to her. And what happened to Alpha and his "composite event"? I will say that for the most part, I'm buying Eliza as the different people. She was good as Jenny, but her little speech as the girl in the flashback wasn't as natural. Right before she goes off for her "treatment." Interestingly enough, I was actually glad she got mindwiped after this engagement so she wouldn't have to remember that horrible experience. Of course, she also doesn't remember her wild wild sex, which, as people have said, is essentially rape. For Echo, at least. Or Caroline. Do they have contingencies in place for pregnancy or STDs? Who knows what these men are putting inside her. Her body is just an empty hat, as Boyd says. I like Boyd. I also like Topher, the science guy, although I'm finding him a little hard to read. At times, he seems desensitized to what he's doing, and sometimes he seems kind of world-weary about it.

Agent Helo, one day, you will do something useful. Keep looking.

This episode was a little less uncomfortable, but it was still squicky. I find that as long as they keep the focus off Echo, I'm okay. Which...may lead to some issues.

Battlestar Galactica

By the time I get here, I don't feel like writing about this show! I don't know what to say! Stuff happens. There are Cylons. There are humans. Something something something.

I am very happy Baltar's Six is back, though! And Baltar is up to his old tricks again. Mostly. He likes helping people! And stuff. With guns! But I don't like this new gaunt look. Someone buy James Callis a pizza or three.

Bye bye, little Cylon with a soul? That...happened.

The end is nigh! I don't know what's going to happen, except the Cylons and the human will live together in perfect harmony. Probably. And then they'll kill each other. The spaceships will inherit the universe.
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