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Talking Heads Night on NBC

Having bought a new car, I thought it appropriate to watch The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. It was interesting to see Lucas Black all grown up, the love interest looked like an older Vanessa Hudgens, and Han is totally the best character in the movie. The movie was generally better than 2 Fast 2 Furious, somehow, so I'm glad the same director is handling the upcoming fourth movie. I'm not really a car person, but these movies are fun all the same. And this one even tried to be all deep and stuff, courtesy of Han, who, as I mentioned, is awesome. Sung Kang, I'ma keep my eye on you. Apparently he was in Live Free or Die Hard! I bet he was awesome.


Oh, Chuck and Sarah. Your poor, tortured relationship! I don't know, for some reason, even though they seem to just be going in circles with these two, I think they're doing a good job? They just keep teasing. But I really wish they'd let Chuck be more aware that Sarah totally digs him, too. I mean, they had that Big Kiss that one time, but it's like now, he assumes she doesn't want him. I feel bad for him. He shouldn't have to settle for a relationship that's going nowhere.

Jenny McCarthy is lookin' pretty good.

FULCRUM! Chuck's brain is FULL, man. Too bad he didn't get this download before his ill-fated relationship with Jordana Brewster. I wonder if he's just going to keep more and more downloads as the show progresses. The Intersect. The updated Intersect. The FULCRUM database. The annotated Constitution. The complete works of Shakespeare. The Encyclopedia Brittanica. The names and addresses of the entire population of Belgium. And so on.

Big Mike! Morgan's mom! AAAAAHHHH.

Crisis on Infinite The Amazing Heroes

This season is slowly improving, I think.

Okay, I love that Sylar is annoyed as hell with Luke Stuffmelter. I thought he was going to try to mentor him or something (and I'm sure it will get to that point eventually), but right now, it's pretty amusing. He's technically a serial killer! Ha! Also, did he forget how to steal powers through empathy? It's back to the brains? Are we backtracking AGAIN, writers? Fine, it's for the best.

Claire is surprisingly not annoying me, though. I understand her position better this time around; she's like S2 Claire but with more justification for her behavior. She's gotten pretty savvy, too. And I like this new kid; he's all right.

Hiro learned an Important Lesson! Garsh. I didn't know you could be a hero without powers. It's not like ANDO HAS SHOWN YOU THIS TIME AND TIME AGAIN, FOR FUCK'S SAKE. Fine, maybe you need the personal experience, but geez.

Okay, I kind of heart the show for having a couple Indian women run a bakery. Because what she said was spot-on: traditionally, the woman belongs in the house, cooking and cleaning and tending to her husband. So bully for her, and bully for the hilariously convenient "I just wanted you to be happy." Only on TV! In real life, there's way more drama. (Also, you didn't miss anything interesting in Deepak's Hindi. He basically said, "Where's whatsername? Show me whatsername!" And some other stuff I didn't catch. The wedding should have had a lot more swahas, though.)

So who the hell is Rebel? The house appears to be betting on Micah, which would be great. Hana also seems like a good choice.

The ending was pretty damn sweet, and I wonder whether it was a deliberate callback to the scene where Matt was captured in the first season. Next week looks pretty awesome!
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