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Meet Caprica, my brand-new 2009 Mazda6. Black Cherry, a.k.a. burgundy, with sexy black interior.

My seven-year-old aunt's brother's daughter, upon seeing my new car on Valentine's Day: "Is that a Jaguar?"

Look at that color! It's like driving chocolate.

My uncle says that it's very similar to the maroon of the car that took my mom ninety miles to the hospital so I could be born. I just thought it looked cool, but all of these colors have happened, and all of them will happen again.

The little Om there means my car is now blessed and hopefully will not kill me.

Before I drove off the lot (and stripped thousands of dollars from the value of the car), I put my hands to my head at the OMG NEW CAR-ness of it all. I couldn't find the odometer because I was looking for a six-digit number, and my car only had 36 miles on it.

The folks at Oak Tree Mazda were pretty good. Luckily, they both had the color I wanted and offered us the lowest price. We tried to drop the price fifty bucks more once we got there, but they wouldn't take it. I still ended up getting the car for under $20K, which was my goal. I had to register it under my uncle's Belmont address, though, since the sales tax was about eighty bucks cheaper than using my Oakland address.

I couldn't even hold the pen steady as I signed all the lines. This was the largest check I had ever written, the largest purchase I had ever made. I hadn't really bought anything for more than a few hundred dollars since I got A Real Job.

I was offered the Mazda TotalCare extended warranty, which sounded too good to be true. For about $1400, I would get three more years of bumper-to-bumper coverage, plus a money-back guarantee if I didn't actually end up using it. They could do that because they planned to invest my money and make some dough off it instead of me. We got him to let me have till the end of the month to think about it; I'd appreciate any advice.

Although Mazda is a Japanese company, Ford has a strong stake in it, so I kinda helped the economy! Sorta.

Step right up, ladies.

I forgot to take pictures of the interior, but it's totally awesome. One review thought the steering wheel was an homage to EVE(-uh). And there are lots of pretty lights. Also: I now have BASS! My inaugural song was the Offspring's "Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?" Although the first song I heard from the beginning in my new car was the more appropriate "The Distance."

All right, time to go to point C.
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