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Sci-Fi Friday!

Sometimes I look through old journal entries and see these great lines and wonder if it's okay to steal them for actual stories or books later. They deserve to be seen by a larger audience! For instance, my last post contained the following line, re: my car:
It gets me from point A to point B, but not point C, which is where the chicks are.
I thought it was kind of funny, and, to my delight, a couple people agreed. Including toastandtea, who then proceeded to illustrate my statement. I must share it with you all because it is more hilarious than my line by itself:

toastandtea, ladies and gentlemen. I highly recommend her journal!

And now I believe I have some television to talk about.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I totally forgot what happened on this show! It's been a while.

Imaginary Kyle! One of my favorite devices! And it was handled really well here; Kyle was just there for emotional support and not imparting ridiculous plot information that Sarah could not know. And he wasn't there when Sarah was unconscious. Thumbs up, Imaginary Kyle!

I really liked the doctor! I'm not entirely sure what the backstory between her and Alvin is supposed to be, but the show implied enough. Yet I find myself wanting to know more about her! This show has a tendency to have really interesting one-shots. Often female.

(That was Ash, right??)

Holy crap, Weaver in the frickin' warehouse was AWESOME and SCARY. When she told John Henry that "that shouldn't have happened," I thought she was scolding him for scanning things he wasn't supposed to. But instead she was just REEEEEALLY pissed that someone used an unsecure line. So everyone has to die. Criminy.

I do wish I had more ball-and-socket joints.


So this is the new Joss Whedon show, huh? The one everybody's talking about. </BlackBerry Storm commercial>

I know a lot of people had qualms about the premise, and I couldn't understand the preemptive squick. Watching the pre-credits sequence, however, I agreed that the show is totally icky. But it knows that. It was still more uncomfortable to watch than I expected. I mean, I wasn't a fan of the Angel mindwipe, and this show is like the mindwipe multiple times an episode. It was so sad to see the Eliza Dushku-shaped woman who'd just had a wonderful time, who'd met a great guy have that entire...everything erased.

And I can definitely see the weird characterization problems inherent in the premise. I mean, we spend half the episode with Echo-shaped Eleanor Penn, and then she's gone. But I'm sure Joss knows what he's doing; it's unfair to judge based on one episode. Maybe it will become clear in future episodes how we can actually connect with Echo—and whoever she was before she entered the Dollhouse (the graduation video helped on that front, as did the opening scene). And are we to assume that was Echo's old house at the end? And that Mystery Informant killed her fucking parents?

I wonder where they get the personalities they meld together. Are they former Actives? That seems like the best guess, but if being an Active is a five-year stint, how long have they been doing this? And how did they imprint the original Actives?

Agent Helo is pretty cool! He holds people at gunpoint while peeing! Wow, that sentence can totally be read the wrong way. Also, he apparently watched "Unfinished Business" way too many times.

I like the conflict among all the people who actually run the Dollhouse. Miss Hot British Lady and Handler Guy and Topher the Science Guy and Dr. Pretty Amy Acker. And they appear to have outside help from suits. It is all very intriguing.

It does seem lacking in humor, though, for a Joss show. A couple chuckles, but nothing great.

Overall, I think the show does seem to want to tackle issues of identity and what makes us who we are, which are themes very dear to me, but it's going about it in a very uncomfortable-to-watch way, which is why it's going to get cancelled.

Battlestar Galactica

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