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Titanic in Five Seconds

So I was reading cleolinda of Movies in Fifteen Minutes fame today, and she was frustrated at not being able to finish Titanic, twenty-nine pages in.

I made a post, entirely to amuse myself and maybe give her a good laugh, and apparently, it was really funny, so I thought I'd preserve it in my own journal.

Also, twenty-nine pages? Damn, I thought these were Movies in Fifteen Minutes. Can't you cut out all the, I don't know, people, and write the whole movie from the perspective of the ship?

TITANIC: All good.

TITANIC: Yeah, all good.

TITANIC: Damn, this is a lot of people.

DOLPHINS: Eek, click click!

TITANIC: Fucking dolphins.


The end.
bast_setesh added:

You forgot:

ICEBERG: I cut you, bitch!

TITANIC: Oh, sh--*garblegarble*
I made a lot of people laugh, and was offered an earlobe-lick, so that was cool. Oh, and I also discovered I'd been pseudowanked.
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